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Hello and Seeking Members Interested in Global Energy Assessment

Hi all, Great to know there is such an active forum in India to articulate its energy future and sustainable living ini...
Ramesh Mani 0

negative comments on exeltech

im looking at purchasing a mx series invertor.i have had bad products from other companies.i was wondering if anyone had any bad...
will btvs 0

Underground Coal Gasification

The process of converting hard coal into gas has been around for nearly 200 years. The first practical application of gas derive...
Alec Nolan 0

looking to by frig

any buddy have any opinion about best kind of propane frig to buy?  we live in Stahlstown pa. the only ones with solar and ...
joy monticue 0

Sun Mar composting toilets

I am considering a Sun Mar compact or Excel composting toilet for a grid connected house. I have read that the fans are really n...
Pari Morse 0

retro-electro car bike conversion

i teach how to convert your car to zero-emission all electric plug-in. would any body want to set up a class in your area? /// d...
Yat-sin Sun 0

Whose Medicine Am I Taking?

Whose Medicine Am I Taking? Hi i found some really cool article about wha drugs and how they they are production is af...
GreenShawn GreenShawn 0

Blackhawk AR-10 Tilt Rotor in the NOOZ again!

This was shot a couple of weeks ago and aired last Wednesday:
Bruce Boatner 0


Just a couple of fun facts about the year 1893. In the year 1893, Edna Parker was born in the state of I...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

Quick Wind Power Survey for Portland State University Students

Wind Power in the Northwest Thank you for helping Portland State University's Marketing Research 460 class by taki...
PSU Student 0

March for Renewable Energy!

Environmental Media Northwest and Captain Ozone are organizing a public March for Renewable Energy in downtown Los Angeles on Se...
Captain Ozone 0

Need help making ethanol!

I need help making an ethanol still and ethanol. Any advice? Specifics I need info on are the simplest still to build, how l...
Justin Quaglia 0

How To Configure For Radiant Heat?

We live on a creek and want to install two micro-hydro generators for our new home.  I should be able to get 5 amps from ea...
Roger Leslie 0

New England-course on building generators

Does anyone know of a course or a place to learn how to build generators?  I would like to actually build one for a wind applic...
William Davis 0


Is there anyway you guys can start to carry the VTE Inc. fuse holders? They are much more reasonably priced than the others (Blu...
Ned Bilker 0

remote disconnect of inverter

I am using my parent's house to relay a wireless Internet connection to my house. We are both off grid. I want to ...
Rick Krementz 0

New Prize at this month

This month the prize is a Global Solar Sunlinq 12Watt 12V Portable Power Pack at
Mo Casey 0

First commercial building to achieve Net Zero Electric in USA !!

Already Green! First commercial building to achieve Net Zero Electric Branchburg , NJ , July 12,2007- For the ...
John Grabowski 0

Free Solar Panel Simulation at http://YachtSoftware.Org

The IcarusSolarDesigner, a free simulation, is available at http://YachtSoftware.Org that predicts the output of a solar panel m...
Robert Phillips 0

The United States of America

When was the last time you read the Declaration of Independence? The original Constitution and the one we have today? T...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

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