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know my requirements - demand: Anybody help me please.

I live in Amazonia, Brazil, and there is not energy there. I want to know what type of equipment do i have to buy to generate po...
Cris Valle 0

Solar Absorber Coatings

I am doing my PhD in solar absorber coatings to be used in parabolic trough coleectors of solar thermal power plants. I want to ...
Muhammad Sana Ullah Khan 0

Wind tower ordiances: Oregon

Hello. Can anyone tell me of any cities in Oregon that have dealt with ordiances or regulations concerning the height of wind-el...
Jim G 0

Windparks Philippines

Windparks PhilippinesWe are interested to find Partner to build up cooperation for the erection and operation of wind parks in t...
Stckmann 0

Are Holiday Lights Energy Guzzlers

Power-hungry holiday lights: Holiday lights that decorate the house and the Christmas tree are one of the major consume...
Robert Mathew 0

Small scale energy independence

This is what I am "talking" about. Althou...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

Electronic site survey

here is product that may prove of interest to some. they are calling it ...
David Ames 0

Tidal Power

Oceans form a great reservoir of world’s untapped, renewable energy resource. It is believed that only 0.2% of the ocean'...
Peter Johnson 0

End user's lament

From what I have read financing and incentives for the use of renewable energies is catering to; big industry first, small busin...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

China Solar Water Heater Market

Special ReportOct. 16, 2002Secrets Behind the Solar Industry Prosperity in ChinaOn Sept. 24, Prof. Zhang Qichu of Sydney Univers...
Minghua Chen 0

new alternative energy event in Russia!

Hello everybody! My name is Elizaveta Kostikova. My company is organizing the First International Forum ENERGY FRESH 2009 (i...
Elizaveta Kostikova 0

Photovoltaic cells

I would like to know where i could get some information on photovoltaic energy.  I would like to know some history, cost, h...
Shellly smith 0

Asia Global - Energy Dept. Is Told to Stop Collecting Fee for Nuclear Waste

Energy Dept. Is Told to Stop Collecting Fee for Nuclear Waste Disposal New York Times | WASHINGTON — A federal appeal...
Sea Curdapia 0

wvo/svo/ biodiesel generator

Please look at the wvo/svo/biodiesel generator demonstration:
Georges Valme 0

biodiesel stove and wvo generator

 Attached you will find the biodiesel stove prototype demonstration, next we will be working on the biodiesel barbecue. ...
Georges Valme 0

being more materialistic

We need to be more materialistic about the products we bie.If we were we would save so much energy!We also need street lights th...
The jess 0

solar panels and heating a swimming pool

Please help me.For my physics project i need to caluclate how many solar panels will be required to heat a small swimming pool.w...
hayley turney 0

Asia Global Energy Solutions Morning Energy: BP bites back

ILLNESSS OF FORMER EPA OFFICAL CHARGED WITH THEFT POSTPONES HEARING: An arraignment scheduled for today in the case of an EPA em...
Althea Tux 0

Pictures and Sketches

 hey gang,                                             often when trying to conve...
David Ames 0

"New Music, New Energy Tour" idea

Hey, altE Store!  I am an indie singer/songwriter from LA, and I try to do as much as I can to lead a sustainable lifestyle...
Arden Kaywin 0

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