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Appraisal of Renewable Energy System

We are considering sale of our off grid homestead and need advice on setting value. Various solar panels, aged from 2 ...
Jim Sluyter 0

how do you like this differential controller?

i like this differtial controller and was wondering what others though of it Sunearth SETR0301U ?
David Leighow 0

Installing solar energy system!!!

Hi,I'm newbie here.I'm installing solar system at home.I just found this forum at google.I seen some interesting threa...
Augustus Augustus 0

battery ah dissimilar

I recently imported from china 24 2v 1000ah gel batteries but when I unpacked them I found that I had received 12 2v 1000ah batt...
Stephen Smith 0

Looking to dual-power well pump

I'm looking to convert my well pump to dual-power.  I.e., solar and normal electricity.  Would you suggest I repl...
Matt Slaga 1

Does anyone know about private solar rebates?

Hi everyone, I am thinking about getting solar power for my home in New Jersey. I was originally thinking about doing a...
Jenn Meredith 1

12v system for 120sqft cabin

Hi, I'm a newbe.  I'm building a small cabin on a mountain top in east TN and would like to provide lighting and ...
John Barton 1

The Sun is our Friend. (or is it?)

I suppose time will tell and how dependent one might be on the electronic technologies of this day and age. http://scie...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

how much?

haw much it will cost to install a system for a a/c of 115 volts . 930watts
Roberto V 1

Two questions

Does The Alternative Energy Store work with local contractors and if not do customers buy products and hire a contractor of...
Daisy/Timothy Roland 1

Magnum controller

Someone quoted a system for me and it consisted of a 2812 e panel,also a MX60controller. He also included a Magnum controlle...
Jerry Pierson 1

Looking for good Solar Battery Charger

Hi all, My kids have a ton of junk that uses batteries - mostly AA and AAA but a few C as well.  We've conver...
Shawn Zimmerman 1


New to this site just dropping in to say hi. Love the format and options Grant Rowe www.worldofrenewa...
Grant Rowe 1

Global Energy Network Support GENI

Support GENI GENI's mission is to conduct research and to educate world leaders and the public about the critical ...
Sakura Akeno 1

Infrared heater

So has anyone heard of an infrared heater that is suppose to but very energy efficient yet heat a room to a very comforatable te...
Max Schulte 1

Government Grants or Subsidies

I am interested in making my house more environmentally friendly.  I live in Michigan and was wondering if there ...
Max Inflixion 1

Solar shingles project? Help/advice please

Hi friends, I am a member of a co-operative housing corporation in Providence, Rhode Island -- located in a fairly expe...
Tim Fitzgerald 1

How to make a home made wind generator furling system.

I want to know if anyone out there knows how to make a home made wind generator turn out of the wind when the wind gets to fast.
Nick Dunn 1

What say ye, wise and good men?

Any of you have experience/opinions on these? http:...
J. Chris Cloud 1

MX60 @ 72 volts

I have 3 KC 130 12v 21.9 voc 7.4 amps        3 GE 110 12v 21.2 voc 6.6 amps       &nb...
Edward L Harrop 1

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