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What will replace oil wells-?

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Enclosed is a URL address to a possible energy gathering machine. Do you think it could work-?
Thomas Dixon 59

Small Solar System

Hello, I bought ten 15 watt panels from Canadian Tire (The Eliminator ones...12v and 1amp).  I also bought two dee...
Patrick Guenette 25

hydro-powered turbine

I saw this pic and thought if I could built a small scale hydro-power turbine to experiment with. I basically...
George Lo 24

What kind of wind turbine is this?

Has anybody seen one of these?  I'm wondering where I can get some info and if this is an available product.  Thi...
Nick Alset 22

My Solar Project !!! (Questions)

Hi guys i'm new to this and i'm little unsure to some of the concepts on solar panels. I'm looking into buyi...
Marcin Rzeszotko 20

New Construction Project

My wife and I are building a house and want it to be completely self-reliant.  We are thinking of windmill and solar panel ...
Larry Amos 20

For those that have successfully gone off-grid, how many watts?

The subject says it all.  If you've take a home or other building that you use regularly (so, not a cabin where you�...
Travis M 20

Revolutionary Non-Fuel Electric Engine - NEW - Recorded with U.S. Govt.

I know this sounds wild, but I have all the U. S. Government documentation, prototype production photos, Copyright Certificates ...
Harold Carter 19

Power needed for remote wireless signal repeater

I need to provide power for a remote wireless antenna setup and am completely new at this. Here's what I know and think I n...
Eric Fletcher 18

Multiple off grid systems

Hello again I'm working on a project to build a off grid vacation complex. The complex will be 15 cabanas. My big ...
Carlos Settle 18

What is energy?

What is energy? According to Physics theory, energy is defined as the amount of work that can be carried out by a force. Energy ...
Gina Roberts 17

function of a voltage regulator

If I place a voltage regulator between a micro-hydro generator and a battery bank, does the regulator lower the voltage and supp...
Roger Leslie 17

Anti-Gravity device. (serious question)

Is a boat or a float an earth-bound anti-gravity device? (I should add "warm weather" to earth-bound)Also, is a float ...
Hilton CM 16

Off grid or on grid

I am building a new house and it is near the grid in the country (3 poles out) question is, if you are close to the grid is...
Andrew Halassy 16

Is PV economical in Mass?

Looking at some of the altE kits, and doing the math vs. National Grid's supply & delivery prices, it doesn't seem...
Michael Graber 15

Successful Systems

We are planning a new home and I would love to hear from those of you that have been successful in designing an Alt power system...
Steve Harris 14

Trying to Figure Out How to Get Started

Hi Alt E Forums, I've searched and called on solar consultants on and off over the last few months but get discour...
Andy Andy 13

Propane refrigerators

I have a cabin in isolated area of the Sierra Nevada's(off grid) and am looking to put in a propane refrigerator. I see sev...
Lonnie Work 13

off to on grid

Hi, It seems that a person starting out should build an off grid system and then keep adding more panels until there is enou...
Tony Butterfield 13

Solar Power Investment Opportunities

As Solar power continues to grow in popularity what Companies are best placed to profit from the growth ?
Pete Suttie 12

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