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Someone to install grid kit in MA

Yup I need someone to install it for me. Harvard MA.
Pat Macroberts 2

Looking for a large 2nd hand Yurt for WV

We are looking for a large, 26' or 30' Yurt. If anyone has outgrown their's please let me know.prosend @ yahoo.com
pat rosend 1

Self Contained Solar Submersible Fountain Pumps

I am looking for a self contained solar powered submersible fountain pump supplier. I have seen floating types advertised for sa...
Pati Wetherell 0

Small Solar Panel: 10-15W

I need a small solar panel on the cheap, from 10-15W, as the title says. Something durable would be preferable, but I'm ope...
Patrick Luckow 1

jacobs wanted

i am after a jacobs wind turbine,i will pay good dollars and pay international freight if needed.
paul melis 5

Wind worker

I am looking for a Wind worker, any help appreciated.
Paul Thill 0

Centrifugal Clothes Dryer / Water Extractor for Home Use

Niffy extractors in Mexico are everywhere and I am trying to locate an affordable source in the USA. It is for home / personal u...
Paula Townsell 0

Looking for sumersible solar water pump

I want to buy a sumersible solar water pump who can deliver 50 gpm at 300 foot deep.I will appreciate any offer or sugestion....
Pericles Velgis 1


Would appreciate a shortcut to data requirements for all kinds of household and handyman type electrical appliances, tools etc. ...
pete bachstadt 0

Good service?

Hi Alt-E Staff, I am very sad about your service. Why not give me a response? I have difficulties in handling ...
Peter Meng 0


I am looking for a wind power source that looks like a windmill that you would find on the prairie.  Any recommendations?Th...
Peter Mosby 1

Solar Panel

Solar Panel for to power 1000 - 2000 watt UPS. From where in India I can get these
Rajiv Agarwal 0

Need 2 replacement Carizzos

Life is good until my 8 year old starts throwing rocks. Gold to bronze I'm not picky, any help is greatly appreciated.God BlessR...
Ralf Platt 1

Looking for donation of a DC submersible pump for a school in rural India

Hi I am a part of a group of individuals who dream to set-up a school campus that thinks, makes you question, wonder, and sp...
Ratnesh Mathur 0


I am looking for information on how to build an inverter.The load is 1800watts at 120V for 15 min.I am using two deep cycle mari...
Ray Beaudry 1

Want dealer from local.

We are a manufacturer of solar panels and off=grid system.  Low MOQ and great price.  Email me for m...
Ray John 1

Wanted Schools Anywhere in the USA to Install Wind Turbines...

we have windturbines going up in nevada at a school!! e-mail us ...would like to dosomething in california or any other states.....
Reggie Andrews 0

Wind to grid system

I'm looking for a wind-powered system that I can tie to grid. Something with no batterys, very little maintenance and relitivley...
Rich Ross 4

Solar Panels, Batteries,Converters needed....

Im a small cabin in northern california to live out my live at and its far enough out that there is no power at all. Anyone with...
rick kerby 2

need a junction box cover for a GE solar panel

I have a gepv-050-mna solar panel that is missing the junction box cover. Does anyone know where to get one? thank you all f...
Rick LaBorde 0

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