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Solar Panels 1.23 or 1.48 Volts.

Are there solar cells (panels)that would produce either 1.48 or 1.23 volts with enough capacity to produce a usuable quantity of...
Lynwood G. Collins 0

Sunspool draindown valve

Need the  electrical part for it -will take whole valve to but only need electrical heater expansion box. Mark
Mark Cortright 1

Residential Solar Energy System Wanted

We are looking for a 1.5 to 4 KW solar energy system (PV) including solar panels, controllers, pure sine wave inverter for a 120...
Martin Kristen 2

looking for home kit links

A man I know who owns the land adjacent to mine has just retired and is going to build a simple home to live in for the rest of ...
Mary Mc Donald 0

wind turbine

I am looking for AIR 403 12 volts wind turbine in good conditionmax
massimo del prete 0

wind power

i need to know about wind power like wind mill's can you help me in any wAY?
matt 5

Wind Turbine 300-900W

I looking for a new/used wind turbine in the 300-900W range. I am located in VT and would consider paying shipping for the right...
Melinda Cobb 2

Christian Organization

Infinity Embassy Church is a Christian Organization devoted to restoring and distributing donated items to the homeless and othe...
Michael West 2

Evergreen EC 110 watt solar panels

I'm looking for at least three of these to suppliment our existing array. Any leads would be very appreciated. Thanks.
Michael Worger 0

diversion load controller

I am looking for diversion load controller,  the 60A XANTREX or TRISTAR are the largest for sale .  where I can fi...
Michel M 2

plant watering using solar water pump

i have customers that need their flower pots water ed. my idea was to use the flower pot as the base to hold the water and some ...
mike zimmermann 0

Reynolds Aluminum "Crown Top" Heat Exchanger & Panels For Sale

I purchased a house 10 years ago w/this solar collector series #1400 or #1500.  I have no idea if it is functioning. I&...
Mk Knight 1

using wind energy for reverse osmosis process

we are looking in the middle east for a system that could hanress wind energy for reverse osmosis process .Did any body try that...
mohd ali 1

Looking For Used But Intact Solar Charger For Notebook

I'm seeking a used but intact solar charger for my notebook such as the solar gorilla. The chargers should be able to give ...
Monika M. 0


I am from India & interested to be a dealer for the marketing of the solar product in India, do mail me if any company is intere...
Neha 2

Swithcing supply from Mains to Alternate Source

Here's my scenario:Have all the circuits at my house on Mains power from the local power company.Install an alternate source (wi...
Nigel Kelly 0

Solar Panels of 10kva - 30kva

I am looking for solar panels to buy and use in NigeriaI will like to know if you make sola panels that produce power as much as...
Oghor K. Ejovi 6

Wanted Jacobs Hub

I am looking for a used hub for my 10 KW jacobs.  It is three bladed and the part number is 308-6233 for blade number AB-JB...
Oly Olson 1

wanting an xantrex swplus 4024 inverter

Currently have a swplus 4024 inverter and am looking for another to stack with it. if you have or know of one please contact me ...
Onias Martin 0

Wound spring makes electricity....

I recently heard about a technology that uses a spring to generate electricity.You wind a handle or crank to tighten the spring....
Owen Toney 2

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