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Looking for a used C-40 or other divertion load controller

I am looking for some inexpensive used C-40 to divert some load to the room heaterThanxTad
Tad Menert 0

water pumps

I am intersted in irrigating approx. 10 acres of pasture using a solar water pump. The water is on the surface. The pump I think...
ted fink 2

Power meter for a wind generator

I have installed a wind generator in Nicaragua and I want to measure its performance.  Does anyone make a relative inexpens...
Terry Bufton 1

windmill wanted

 I just bought a house on Manitoulin Island There is no power at present and people have recomended a wind generator.There ...
terry mccullough 1


Where can I salvage sliding glass doors for reuse in a green house?
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

Danby frig thermostat control assembly

I have a danby propane frig model DPR2262W My capacitor wire that senses frig temp has  come disconnected from my therm...
Thomas Kramer 0

how to

hi can anyone send me a diagram of how to wire in series/parallel 4 mk 8a8d battiers, and how would i wire two solar panel and w...
timothy walker 0

Solar Panel for Laptop

I would like to use solor panels to power my laptop while hiking .  who sells such devices ? or how can I make one.  H...
Tom 0

Flexable mirror

Does anyone know of a source for flexable mirror material? I would like to line a 9 foot parobolic dish with it to produce domes...
Tom Knepper 1

Wind Power Job Available

Looking for a really sharp, motivated person to assist me in the development of my wind generator business.  Resp...
Tom Wickey 1

Wanted Door for Wood Stove

WANTED We need a door for a wood/coal Allens model 205 D parlor stove.  We need the big main door.  Must be rare c...
Toni & Greg B 2

wanted: decent sized solar panel (up to 100w) with shattered but present glass

I have an idea for a method to repair a solar panel with a shattered glass surface if the glass is not missing.  I don't w...
Travis M 3

Looking for a solar panel producer

hello!   i am looking for a small scale producer of solar panel who is interested in setting up a base for production of su...
Tushar 0

Looking for small round PV cells for hobby project

Hello,I am looking for a manufacturer that produces a small 2-3 inch in diameter PV cell I can connect to a small DC motor. I ne...
Valerie 1

solar phase-change cells

for a small hobby greenhouse - does anyone know where I could find these cells?
vicki 0

trade lumber for solar system(mexico)

Have almost unlimited supply of top grade pine,oak,or incense cedar to trade for complete solar/wind system(s). May need technic...
Vincent Boeggeman 0


Wan Suwito 0

Heliotrope C120 E instructions or manual needed

I am looking for a copy of the paperwork for a Heliotrope C120E Charge controller. I am trying to Identify the top set of DIP sw...
Warren Lee 0

Light Thru

I’m interested in a PV array for the home.  My research has led me to a couple more architecturally pleasing panels such ...
Will Christensen 0

WANTED: Used solar setup and or wind setup

Wanted: used solar setup and or wind setup Disabled couple living off-grid (no access to utilities) in Idaho looking fo...
William Caudill 0

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