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Solar panels and SW5548 power panel

I recently purchased a system way to big for my needs. 1-Trace 5548 Power Panel with disconnects= $5000.  20- Sol...
Ashley Klaerner 2

Solar Panels/System for Sale

I am selling eight huge solar thermal collectors. This is a Revere system for solar heat and hot water. We also have three hot w...
Danielle Paine 5

solar panels????

I m new here on this site and just bought a house with solar panels for my water heater - the "repair" man who was res...
Ellen G 13

solar pannels 75 watt

have 8 -75 watt astro pannels for sale in NH. will be taking them down 9/2/13 and puting up 300 watters. they are working fi...
Frank Hammond 0

solar pannels us64 used or new

looking to expand my system. looking for used or cheap new us64 pannels. will travel to pick up in person. live in missouri. ...
Randy Vanscoy 0

Solar Pathfinder w/ Tripod for Sale (Never Been Used)

I have a Solar Pathfinder with Tripod and Case that has never been used.   I am asking $150.00 firm, plus shipping.  I am loc...
Ronald Jones 0

solar power

Can a 1500 watt electric heater be operated by solar power?  If so, how would you start this project?
harold ellenburg 1

Solar Power Garden lamp

I like to design my own garden light with solar power. At present I am not interested in high power lamps. I need to find a prac...
Lionel Palliya Guruge 0

Solar Power Pack! great deal!
Givingman 1

solar powered flat roof drainage pumps

A general home inspector I worked with mentioned a solar pump, the shape of a pancake, that can be placed on a flat roof in area...
Kathy Close 0

solar system and generator for sale - new

I bought these for a vacation home/Y2K retreat that I never built, so I don't need it. All equipment is new in box, unopened, ne...
Dennis 3

solar system for sale

I've got a solar system that I was using in my home that I need to sell, since I'm moving and can't use it at the new place.4 x ...
bill stec 1

solar system parts

looking for a trace c60 or c40 controler used, 2000-35000 watt inverter modified sine wave fine, uni-solar us64 pannels. i have ...
randy vanscoy 1

Solar Tubes and Boilers

Solar tubes and boilers for sale.Built to a high spec, guaranteed and gives endless hot water.Looking for agents world wide, als...
Graham Cockroft 0

Solar Water Dish Heater/ Chickens

For Sale- Solar Water dish, can be used for animals drinking water.
Melonie K 0


From; Ndelle YAPWe would like to order different types of water pumping solar systems for boreholes of depth 40 to 150 meters. A...
Env Consult 3

Solar, Vibrating Cell Phone Batteries

Sun Power = Convenience & PracticalityAvailable for Nokia 5100/6100/7100 Series2 Models:  Slim or ExtendedSpecs:  Slim...
Mandy Kemper 0

SolarBridge Power Manager, Make Offer

I've got a Power Manager from SolarBridge.  We accidently ordered an extra one of these.  It has been taken out o...
Mark Horst 0

Solarsheet 1500G for sale

I purchased a Solarsheet 1500G a little while back, and shortly after I moved into a Condo.  It has never been used, or eve...
Andrew Gowans 11


David A 5

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