solar system for sale

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May 20, 2006 04:01 pm
solar system for sale

I've got a solar system that I was using in my home that I need to sell, since I'm moving and can't use it at the new place.

4 x British Petroleum SP-75 (75 watt) panels. Bought in 1999. Paid $1500 for all 4 (300 watts), asking $1250.

2 frames for above, 2 panels per frame, set up for ground mounting. Unpainted aluminum. Nearly 0 degrees to about 45-50 degree range of motion. Locally made, paid $400 for them in 1999. Asking $250.

If you buy all 4 panels, and both frames, I'll knock $100 off the total. (would be $1500, reduced to $1400).

Sureflo 9300 submersible pump (runs on 12v up to 24v). Has some cable attached to it (have to measure it if you're interested). Paid about $700, they go for $625ish now. Bought new in 1999, rebuilt it in 2004. Asking $300.

Dankoff 2910 Flowlight Booster pump, standard flow (not slow) 12v, max amps = 20. Has dry-run switch attached. New they cost about $540. Asking $300. Bought new in 2002, works fine.

Trace C40 Charge controller, new would cost about $150. Asking $100.

Batteries: 2 liquid nicad batteries, 12v, 143ah. Sunica 14-5 model. Bought new in 1999. Will only sell both together. Paid over $1700 for the pair. Asking $1200. These do require a higher than normal charging voltage, (16.5v) so use the Trace C40 charge controller for these.

I am willing to piece the system out if need be. For the panels/frames/batteries, I'll deliver within a reasonable drive from South-Central PA. Say, 3-4 hours each way. Further if you help with the gas...

If you buy the whole system, I'll work you a better deal.

Shipping the panels/frames/batteries isn't really practical, due to potential breakage issues, so I'd have to deliver them to you/you pick them up.

Pictures of the items available upon request.

Payment options would be face to face cash, mail-order options would be Postal Money order, check (but I'd hold it at least a week to make sure it clears).

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May 22, 2006 10:45 am
Re: solar system for sale

system tentatively sold. I'll update post if it falls through.

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