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Looking for a used C-40 or other divertion load controller

I am looking for some inexpensive used C-40 to divert some load to the room heaterThanxTad
Tad Menert 0

Used solar panels needed in NC

I am seeking good used solar panels around North Carolina that we can purchase at a reasonable price. We are hoping that someone...
Sue 1

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Dear Alternative Energy CommunityDid you know that the BEST PRO TEAMS draft for athletic ability not for the specific position? ...
Stewart Hampton 0

Looking for Used Air X's or mallards or hornets

I am loking for used Air X's. Air 403's, mallrds or hornets. Will pay cash and pick up anywhere in the US ...
Steven Simoni 0

Building a new home....

I am building a new home.  The front of my house will face South.  I wanted to know, if any PV panels/materials existe...
Steven Gomric 1


Steve Motinga 2

Need CC-20 Charge Controller by Heliotrope wiring diagram

This is an old controller, brown front panel, has a row of LEDs for voltage and current.  Charges up to 20A.  Allows s...
Steve Harrington 3

1.5 volt solar panels

I am trying to find a supplier of polythene  solar panels that produce 1.5 volts Max  do you know of any one.  Th...
stan hudson 1

Looking for Solar Panel

Looking for soalr panel which generate electricity with output such as 12 volt and 50 Amp
shaab 8

Looking for used solar panels in Ottawa, Canada region

Hello, I'm looking for used solar panels and solar setup equipment.  I'm located in Ottawa Canada but am wil...
Sean Collins 3

solar boat bailer

I have a 16 foot aluminum fishing boat that I have to leave uncovered for weeks at a time.  Can I install a solar powered m...
samg 3

composting toilet

i am interested in seeing a composting toilet in use. i am looking to buy sun mar centrex  or equivalent  if in the ce...
Sam Cetrano 0

solar panel system for RV

I am looking for info on a complete solar energy system for my motothome. Tired of the "generatorblues" and down time. Would be ...
Roy Price 1

Trace Microsine Inverters

I am willing to pay up to $200 for anyone looking to sell Trace Microsine utility intertie inverters.  They also have gone ...
Ross Nizlek 4

mechanical thermostat for solar pool heater

I am search of a mechanical thermostat (the type and size one might find in an automobile). The problem is I need a activation r...
Ron Kidney 3

Solar and Wind power getting started

I am interested in learning more about solar and wind  power energies.  I am planning on using both sources in the fut...
Ron 1

110v Jacobs Wanted

I am looking for a 110 volt Jacobs wind generator. Does not have to be complete.    
Roger Yoneliunas 1

Alternate energy appliances

Where can I find information on household refrigerators that are powered by kerosine.  I know that they are quite common in...
Robb Kudra 2

Looking to purchase complete wind system (grid interdite)

Hello,I'm located in Atlantic Canada, very windy here and am looking for a system that can produce 5 or more KWH per day. It mus...
Rob Hines 0

Jacobs 17.5 kw blades

I'm looking for a set of three new or used Jacobs blades. Pls contact me at email or phone: rstickle @ midwest3pl.com ...
Rick Stickle 0

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