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Children's Science Exhibit

Hello,I work in Olympia Washington as a scoutmaster for troop 418.We are putting on some science workshops at the children´┐Żs sci...
Brad Whaley 0

Christian Organization

Infinity Embassy Church is a Christian Organization devoted to restoring and distributing donated items to the homeless and othe...
Michael West 2

compost toilet

Looking to manifest a good used compost toilet ! I am in Northern California..and am willing to pay shipping. ...
Kali Littlewing 2

composting toilet

i am interested in seeing a composting toilet in use. i am looking to buy sun mar centrex  or equivalent  if in the ce...
Sam Cetrano 0

composting toliet

Aloha, I'm looking to buy an Envirolet Basic Plus or Sunmar NE, new or used in excellent shape.
Brandon Lima 12


Joy White 0

Crystalite Glazing Film

HELP!  Have been using "waterwalls" w/ Crystalite glazing film for 17 years.  Now much of the honey comb like solar re...
Bob Apat 0

Cub Scout Solar Power Project

I am looking for learning tools, information and supplies for a cub scout project to make small solar power toy cars.
Doris Benbrook 1

Danby frig thermostat control assembly

I have a danby propane frig model DPR2262W My capacitor wire that senses frig temp has  come disconnected from my therm...
Thomas Kramer 0


Would appreciate a shortcut to data requirements for all kinds of household and handyman type electrical appliances, tools etc. ...
pete bachstadt 0


I am from India & interested to be a dealer for the marketing of the solar product in India, do mail me if any company is intere...
Neha 2

diversion load controller

I am looking for diversion load controller,  the 60A XANTREX or TRISTAR are the largest for sale .  where I can fi...
Michel M 2

double female end adapter to connect charger to inverter

I have a solar car battery charger that conects through my car's lighter recepticle.  (Specs: Max power 3.2 watts, Max watt...
Jeanne Warner 1

egg-beater style windmill

would like to know why these were discontinued, and if anyone has one or more they would like to part with. parts are okay, as l...
Leonard Settle 2

Electric grid tie.

Hi i need an electric grid tie inverter charge controler. I need  to have a cut off for the power company.Used would be Ok ...

EVA for Solar Cell encapsulation

Looking for a USA distributor that sells EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) film in small quantities for the use in the production of ...
Don Gunther 1

Evergreen EC 110 watt solar panels

I'm looking for at least three of these to suppliment our existing array. Any leads would be very appreciated. Thanks.
Michael Worger 0

Extrusions for Solar Water Panel Frames

I have a solar collector for water but need to build a frame (box) to be able to use it. Does any one know where I can get some ...
Daniel Ridgeway 1

fan needed for mullbank composting toilet

I have an elderly mullbank (circa 1975) and need a replacement fan 120v AC. Any help locating one would be appreciated. I'm...
Joe Dewey 3

Flexable mirror

Does anyone know of a source for flexable mirror material? I would like to line a 9 foot parobolic dish with it to produce domes...
Tom Knepper 1

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