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American Water Heater 80 Gallon Solar Storage Tank with Electric Element

American Water Heater 80 Gallon Solar Storage Tank with Electric Element (
Thembi Borras 2

Trojan's for sale - L16's, brand new.

I bought the wrong voltage type and need to buy a different group of batteriers. These 4 Trojan's have never been used. They wer...
Cameron 2

solar panel system for cabin

new to solar power...I need it for modest 12 volt lighting system for my 800 sq ft Alaska cabin. I plan to simply keep one premi...
Chris Ess 2

Trace Engineering SW4024 and (2) Trace T240's FOR SALE

I have a Trace SW4024 and Two T240 conversion modules Used one of the T240's for a generator connection, one for house ...
Kurt Sonnenburg 2

used GNB Absolyte IIP batteries for sale

I have twelve (12) GNB Absolyte IIP Type 4-90A11-R23, 4-cell, 2 Volts Per Cell, VRLA, AGM, 440 Ah, 8 Hour to 1.75 VPC, 23-inch r...
Chuck Anderson 2

Todd PC75, 12-15VDC, 75-Amp Power Supply/Charger

I have two Todd PC 75 power supplies for sale. I have fully reconditioned these units. They can supply 12 - 15 VDC (adjustable) ...
John Hassell 2

Info needed for solar system on my boat

I want to install a solar system on my 26 foot sailboat but I don't know where to begin.  There seem to be so many differen...
Joel 2

GNB Batteries For Sale

We have some GNB VRLA sealed gel-cell batteries for sale. These batteries were used for backup in a telco environment. We have s...
Todd Smith 2


Jd N 2

wind turbines

looking for 3-4 megawatts of used or surplus windturbines. Need 60 hz freq. If needed we can do the conversion here. For immmedi...
mark justus 2

New Heliodyne Heliopak 16 Pro for sale Santa Cruz, CA

New Heliodyne Heliopak 16 Pro for sale.  This is a top of the line solar water heating appliance with built in Wi-Fi monito...
John Rosasco 2

offer silicon wafer of solar grade

offer solar grade silicon wafers , size : 4", 5" , 6" , monocrystalline or polycrystalline , annual ouput is about 20MW. Eric Le...
eric lee 2

Revolutionary non-fuel electromagnetic engine - Unique Original New Design

A revolutionary new type of auto engine was designed for The U. S. Army (1983) with the objective in mind to create a land vehic...
Harold Carter 2


I'm selling a Rebuilt 14" Aeromotor powerhead and 40' tower. Some fan blades and tower bolts are damaged. The uni...
John Zepeda 2

Morningstar ProStar PS-30M Charge Controller For Sale

I have 2 of these PWM type charge controllers for sale. 30 Amp 12 or 24 V, with digital display.  See details in the store ...
Michael Megee 1

Bergey 10KW Excel S New Price!

Over 4 year old Excel-S with Gridtek 10 Inverter. Good condition, still under warranty. It was installed much too close to the h...
Scott Fryer 1

Wanted- Solar Panels in New Mexico

Looking for used panels. Preferably 50W size or larger.Thanks
Jeff 1

Samlex 600 Watt Sine Wave Inverter For Sale

I have one of these PST-60S-12A 12V sine wave inverters. Ran for only a month before I changed to a 24V system.  Did an exc...
Michael Megee 1

Oregon Strawbale House on 5 Acres

I have a small passive-solar strawbale house in central OR, appr. 1+1/2 hours SE of Bend.  The house is off a paved road, 7...
Daniel Shea 1

wanted trace sw2512

want trace sw2512 unit to supplement solar system installed. Please advise re: price and shipping cost to zip 37385.
David Richert 1

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