Revolutionary non-fuel electromagnetic engine - Unique Original New Design

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Jul 20, 2009 07:30 pm
Revolutionary non-fuel electromagnetic engine - Unique Original New Design

A revolutionary new type of auto engine was designed for The U. S. Army (1983) with the objective in mind to create a land vehicle propulsion system for military vehicles that would function without the use of fuel!

Invented in 1983 (Documented with The United States Government) and successfully manufactured and tested in 2004, this unique electro-mechanical device will not only power land and sea vehicles, operate under water and in outer space (without using a drop of fuel), but it is also the World's very first design of it's type and the
World's first practicle replacement unit for the internal combustion engine!

All the details at
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Jul 24, 2009 10:58 am
Re: Revolutionary non-fuel electromagnetic engine - Unique Original New Design

followed link, but page would not completely load. got a picture of a jet, and everything else was blank space... very interested though so, if you ever get a better link, please pass it on.
Jul 26, 2009 02:16 pm
Re: Revolutionary non-fuel electromagnetic engine - Unique Original New Design

I was able to look at this site Bill. Do you know what a solenoid is and how it works? Same principle. After reading "How it works" the mental image I got was of a "10 cylinder" or better yet, a sequential fire "10 solenoid" motor turning a crankshaft. I suppose the heat of the solenoid is dealt with by some sort of air or water cooling system. There would still be a need for lubrication of moving parts. In a sense, this is really nothing more than a crude induction motor.

I suppose one could go that way, "clickityclackityclickityclackityclikityclakity" or

Of course the "how it works" page makes mention of a 12 volt generator driven from the drive shaft that makes it sound a little to much like the proverbial "perpetual motion machine" to make it all plausible. Laws of thermal dynamics and all that.

All the same Harold, I hope to eat these words one day, if and when I see (hear) an automobile go past me on the highway driven by this type of motor. Best of luck to you.

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