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Exide Marine Inverter 2000/5400 motor starting 110 amp charger

Hello, I baught this unit new 3 years ago. This unit meets all ABYC guide and is certified UL458. The remote and the owner manua...
richard thivierge 0

Magnum MagnaSine ME2012AE Inverter

Magnum MS2012 Inverter for sale. Operates from 12 VDC. Output power is 2,000 Watts, 120VAC, 60Hz. Output waveform is pure sine w...
John Hassell 0

solar pannels 75 watt

have 8 -75 watt astro pannels for sale in NH. will be taking them down 9/2/13 and puting up 300 watters. they are working fi...
Frank Hammond 0

Grid intertie, 12KW

I have a Model 225/12kwfc inverter made by Acheval Wind Electronics.  This was used with a 10KW Jacobs.  The wind mach...
Oly Olson 0

Whisper 100 Wind Turbine - 900Watt 12/24/36/48V Marine with Control

Call us @ (928) 759-9983 Condition: Slightly Used (Used for 2 weeks for demo) Sold 'As is' ...
Jim Weber 0

Go Power 300 Watt 24 Volt Inverter

Pure sine wave inverter, $120.00 including shipping.  Contact Rich at Maine Solar Engineering.  rroughga @ or ...
Richard Roughgarden 0

Michel Bisson 0

Renusol flat roof ballast mounting system

Crate of 10 Renusol USA CS60 flat roof ballast mounts for solar panels.  The Renusol system is a unique thermoformed mounting s...
Andy Boyce 0

looking for a turnkey system

Hi - I live in 92691 and am ready to purchase a turnkey system, including full installation. I have done good basic homework but...
jeff 0

Magnum Energy MS2012 Inverter/Charger - $1150

Lightly used MS2012 for sale.  Purchased it in 2012 and only used on summer weekends.  Works great!!  Includes original docum...
Bob Portilla 0

Flashing Plates for Sale

I have unused 16 12" x 12" Classic Composition Flashing plates with Integral install blocks and all hardware. 16 pcs. ...
Adam Kushner 0

Solar, Vibrating Cell Phone Batteries

Sun Power = Convenience & PracticalityAvailable for Nokia 5100/6100/7100 Series2 Models:  Slim or ExtendedSpecs:  Slim...
Mandy Kemper 0

LM-470 motorized tower 70 ft.

This is a 4 section (20') 70 ft. high com tower. It has new motor and control circuit. I also have replaced wire cable....
Ray Thornton 0

christmas lights

Hello! We are manufactory for christmas produts as lighting, decoratin etc. if you are looking for such as products, just contac...
Christopher Lau 0

Wanted: used solar setup and or wind setup

Disabled couple living off-grid (no access to utilities) in Idaho looking for 1) Inexpensive used solar setup [panel(s...
William Caudill 0

PROsine 2500 watt 12v Inverter/Charger + Remote FOR SALE!

i have a Xantrex Prosine 2500 watt 12v inverter/charger w/remote that �i am selling. i currently run it with my pv array and do ...
fd cs 0

Wanted used C-40 or other divertion load controller

I am looking for an used and inexpensive diversion load controller to divert excess power to a heater.Something up to 60 Amp wil...
Tad Menert 0

Alternative energy Dome for sale

Oregon/California border, 3,600 sq.ft dome for sale, close pristine river. Pool, organic garden, orchard, 2/3rd acre....
sandy halasz 0

WANTED: Solarex MSX 120 panels

cheap!email: cleugh @ unm.eduif you have anything compatible
fd cs 0

Whisper 100 Wind Turbine - 900Watt 12/24/36/48V Marine with Control

Call us @ (928) 759-9983 Condition: Slightly Used (Used for 2 weeks for demo) Sold 'As is' ...
Jim Weber 0

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