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we are about to build our dream house 0ff the grid need an affordable solar setup to run night time lights can anyone help pleas...
jon jess 3

Sanyo 190 Panels for sale

4 Sanyo 190 panels for sale at $1023.00 each. Still in boxes, never used.
Revision Energy 3

Wind Turbine (Turbex)

1500 watt wind generator with a 40' lattice tower.  New, never installed.  New is $7,030, sacrifice for $2,900 plus sh...
larry page 3

Need Direction

I'm very interested in starting a new career in the alternative energy field, but where do you go to school for that???Anybody k...
Dave 3

Any ideas would be appreciated

I would like to get completely away from using my local gas and electric utilities . With the rising costs , I feel we are being...
Dennis Arterburn 3

Trace Dr series Power Panel for sale

Just installed a new outback system and am looking for anyone interested in buying the trace power panel.Has the 2- DR2424 inver...
Scott Koch 3

1982 Vintage Reynolds Aluminum

I have just completed rebuilding 2 panels and in the process of installation. Since I had little information on the original sys...
Frank deBettencourt 3


I have a one acre pond, 12-15 ft. deep, and would like aerate it with solar power, also have a stream with in 50 ft. would like ...
Joe 3

im looking for a company

that can desighn and put in a wind turbine system50 to 200 mw wind farm the tie in is 38kbline4 to 5 miles from sight the avarag...
shawn cochran 3

for sale used Reynolds solar hot water system

Reynolds whole house solar hot water system, complete minus hot water tank.  Includes 2 4x8 solar panels, crown top, heat e...
Dan Majchrowicz 3

solar panels

Are the photowatt 1000 UL listed? Are any of there panels UL listed?
GCHandy 3

i NEED a solar pannel for science class but........

i really need a soler pannel for my science class, but i barely get enough allowance to buy deoderant ,a magazine ,and lunch(at ...
Brad R. 3

siemens SR90 panels for sale

I have 4 siemens sr-90 panels all in excellent condition in working system. In fridged sararanac Lake ny. I need to get rid of t...
Brad Pollock 3

Inverter, E-panel, charge controller pre wired for sale $2000

Off-grid Inverter/ Charger / Charge Controller mounted on a E-Panel making installation easy. This is plug and play equipment an...
Dave C 3

solar system and generator for sale - new

I bought these for a vacation home/Y2K retreat that I never built, so I don't need it. All equipment is new in box, unopened, ne...
Dennis 3

wanted solar panels

I'm looking for any qty. of panels new, or used working, my loxarion is arizona.
albacir hagerty 3


From; Ndelle YAPWe would like to order different types of water pumping solar systems for boreholes of depth 40 to 150 meters. A...
Env Consult 3


1 brand new Trace SW2512 sine wave inverter - used as demo at trade shows. Sale price $1600 plus freight
James Wassel 3

Solar panels and SW5548 power panel

I recently purchased a system way to big for my needs. 1-Trace 5548 Power Panel with disconnects= $5000.  20- Sol...
Ashley Klaerner 2

Turbin Blades

I have 4 Hudson Tuf-lite turbine blades for sale12' lenght each. Fiberglass. Each weighs 122.33 lbs.
ken sierk 2

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