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hebco wind generator newbie quetion

I have a hebco wind  generator that I'm told ran an airstrip until a few years back.I cant find any info on the unit a...
Denis Hourihan 7

Sun tracking solar hot water system by Solar Resource International

I have a tracking system that just keeps sweeping back and forth. The company was out of Phoenix Arizona. Can I get parts or...
Bob Zaik 10

Renewable/Alternative Energy, Where to Start

People often talk about using alternative energy in their homes or businesses, but do they understand what those alternatives ar...
Ed K 0

Backup solutions for small appliances for 2 to 3 weeks where electricity is NOT

I travel extensively to some very remote places in Haiti where there is NO electricity sometimes for weeks. I normally travel wi...
Robert fourcand 7

Need some advice

I work as part of the finance team for a chain of luxury stores and recently I feel like we can be saving a lot more in terms of...
Cecilia lazo 3

Ultimate solar fan

I was hot the other day (Florida) and decided I needed a new fan.  Suddenly the solution came to me a car radiator fan. ...
Travis A 9

A new way of generating electricity

Hi, My name is Claudio Bianco. I am an inventor, and have just completed my last work called "Continual Wind-Up", ...
Claudio Bianco 5

Wind energy

Wind has a lot of caliber which we are still unaware about. Wind turbines can provide more energy than the world’s energy cons...
Abomi Dorset 6

Sun Angle Calculator Program

Hello from a new solar power convert. My wife, Louise, and I are in the process of installing 4KW of PV panels and an 8KW Outbac...
Mike Dodd 1

Global Energy Network Support GENI

Support GENI GENI's mission is to conduct research and to educate world leaders and the public about the critical ...
Sakura Akeno 1

Asia Global - Energy Dept. Is Told to Stop Collecting Fee for Nuclear Waste

Energy Dept. Is Told to Stop Collecting Fee for Nuclear Waste Disposal New York Times | WASHINGTON — A federal appeal...
Sea Curdapia 0

battery ah dissimilar

I recently imported from china 24 2v 1000ah gel batteries but when I unpacked them I found that I had received 12 2v 1000ah batt...
Stephen Smith 0

Asia Global Energy Solutions Morning Energy: BP bites back

ILLNESSS OF FORMER EPA OFFICAL CHARGED WITH THEFT POSTPONES HEARING: An arraignment scheduled for today in the case of an EPA em...
Althea Tux 0

old fashioned hand operated water pump

We are looking for what used to be a common tool on small farms that is a water pump without any power source anyone know how th...
Chris Davis 7

Wind power air compressor

Can anyone tell me if there is such a wind driven air compressor to push air down a deep well to push water up. I did see some i...
Herman Verkruissen 3

mppt charge controller

How many mppt charge controller can we parallel How do these charge controller communicate with each other for proper charg...
Shaman Abla 1

Installing solar energy system!!!

Hi,I'm newbie here.I'm installing solar system at home.I just found this forum at google.I seen some interesting threa...
Augustus Augustus 0

minimizing your electric bill "the mensa method."

I bought my house in 2002. It was built in 1886 as a one room school house and served that purpose till about 1953 when it becam...
Steven Imlay 3

hydro-powered turbine

I saw this pic and thought if I could built a small scale hydro-power turbine to experiment with. I basically...
George Lo 24

gel batteries at different volts

 I have 16 gel 12v batteries I bought new 3 yrs ago. I am using them in a 48v off-grid system with 2 inverters and a xantre...
James Anspaugh 9

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