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Charge Controller for 48v golf cart

I have a portable 160w solar panel system with 2@ 80w panels wired in parallel for 12v charging.  I have a PWM type control...
Steve Bartlett 4

specific gravity hydrometers

I am seeking opinions and advise on SG hydrometers. Are the digital ones better than the glass ones? What makes and models a...
Ray Grose 4

What kind of battery we need for 3 panel of 60 watts each one?

Hi, I´m new in solar energy and I have 3 panels of 60 watts, So I need to buy one battery and charge regulator for installation...
Sebastian Castro 2

Need replacement absorber plate

Hi, My freeze protection for my 4'x10' solar hot water panel failed during a cold night and water froze in th...
Brian Dombrowski 3

Average Cost for Installed SHW Drainback with 80g ?

Hi All: We have been exploring the idea of replacing our current gas water heater with solar.  The other day I had a c...
Fla D 1

Rodent protection

Can anyone help with ideas for protecting a rooftop PV array from squirrels or other rodents chewing up PV wiring? Is this a pro...
Chris Flaccus 2

Solar Thermal Hot Water and Cold Air Return Heat Exchanger

I have been wondering about a system that is talked about briefly, but hardly explained in much details in terms of pros/cons.&n...
Alan Gonzalez 3

B-Grade PV Modules

So I have noticed a posting or two here on the forums about B-Grade PV modules and wanted to make a couple of comments and see i...
Eric Pedersen 4

Replacement Blades for Airx

Hi, Two of my blades on my AirX wind turbine broke off. I am not sure if something flew into it or if the high winds a...
Dave Osborne 2

Hybrid System

We have a bergey XL1 as the start to our system.   being new to this if anyone has any advice do's or dont's...
Lee Butcher 0

The Swine Flew

 So...after taking millions (~80) in taxpayer grant money, Evergreen solar decides it is all about the money after all and ...
David Ames 4

Brilliant minds

You may have heard this question before. Do brilliant minds think alike or, do they think for themselves? http://ww...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 1

Charge controller for sell back system

Does anyone make a charge controller for a high voltage (310 to 360 VDC) sell back system?  My wife is going to be very unh...

My Solar Project !!! (Questions)

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Hi guys i'm new to this and i'm little unsure to some of the concepts on solar panels. I'm looking into buyi...
Marcin Rzeszotko 20

Free Visitor Registration for Carbon Market Event,24-25 Feb 2010,Indonesia

Emission Markets Indonesia,24-25 Feb 2010,Hotel Borobudur Jakarta Internationl Carbon Market Exhibition and Semina...
Amit Nigam 0

Hydro power from 60 foot water falls

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I own a 60 ft plus waterfalls I am not sure how to figure out the water flow, it flows year round and was used in the 1800s to s...
Bob Brown 9

UL Listing for solar pool pump?

I just had a customer call saying the electrical inspector in Hawaii is saying the solar pool pump has to be UL listed.  Ar...
Amy Beaudet 3

the Age of Aquarius

I am sure a lot of have heard the lyrics to the song, "this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius" but how many of you...
Thomas Allen Schmidt 0

hebco wind generator newbie quetion

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I have a hebco wind  generator that I'm told ran an airstrip until a few years back.I cant find any info on the unit a...
Denis Hourihan 6

New Possible Solar Technology!

Saw this on Engadget, thought I'd share with you all.
Jeffrey Peterson 2
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