RE. News?

Jan 30, 2007 04:24 am
RE. News?

We all know that if nothing else politician's are infamous for their rigmarole or doubletalk. Their good at it. Take this following news excerpt for example.

The President's executive order January 24 requires the head of each agency to ensure that at least half of the statutorily required renewable energy consumed by the agency in a fiscal year comes from new renewable energy sources, and to the extent feasible, the agency implements renewable energy generation projects on agency property for agency use.

When you read it, it sounds good, even agreeable right?
We hear the words in our heads that the government is consumming renewable energies and now it wants more. If this were a pep rally it would be right about now that the pretty cheerleaders would start jumping around in those short little skirts and tanned legs waving their pom poms, chanting to get everyone excited and cheering themselves.

 Try to focus out those cheerleaders in your head for just a second and read it again. Ok, that was hard to do I know, especially those short skirts and tanned legs.
First of all just what is the "statutorily required renewable energy consumed in a fiscal year that comes from renewable sources"? We have to know that before we can know what half of it is. Then we can know how much is to come from "new renewable sources". Just exactly what are they talking about here?
Anybody know?
The full story can be found at -

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