We are here for you!

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible Renewable Energy experience. Here is how we do it!

#1 - We provide you with many ways of getting help and learning.
Besides our well trained technical sales staff as a resource to help to guide you, we also offer you loads of materials for learning (for Free!) about renewable energy systems, such as our educational articles, videos, webinars, tips and extra technical details on products, forums with other experienced users, and customer reviews on using our products.
#2 - We're here to help you design your ideal system!
Our folks are passionate about renewable energy and equally so about helping you do it successfully. Our highly trained technical staff is here to help guide you in putting together the best renewable energy system to meet your needs.
#3 - We support what we sell.
We aren't here just to sell you solar gear. We are here to help you learn, design, buy and install the renewable energy system of your dreams and to help you do so successfully and safely. We stand by all the products we sell, and are here to help you if things go wrong or to troubleshoot.
#4 - More than a business, Renewable Energy is our passion.
altE is made up of a wide variety of people. Our backgrounds include engineers, musicians, physicists and health care professionals, to name a few. We've all left those professions behind, and are here, united in our desire to work with people like you to spread the use of Renewable Energy.
#5 - Renewable Energy can be Complex. That's why we have specialists to make it simpler for You.
A lot of knowledge goes into designing a renewable energy system. Our sales people specialize in the different renewable technologies that we offer you. They serve as your resource to carefully help you design a complete and safe renewable energy system to meet your needs.
#6 - We know Renewable Energy. We teach the classes!
Not only are we one of the only renewable energy product distribution companies in the USA to have its own IREC accredited education division (not contracted out) for teaching the public and professional installers, but many of the same technical sales reps you talk to on the phone are the same highly trained individuals teaching those classes.
#7 - We live it!
We don't just have certifications and learn from our classes. We live renewable energy systems in our daily lives both at the office and in our homes. Many of us live daily using our solar electric, solar water heating, solar water pumping, and wind electric systems.
#8 - More technical details per product so you can make the best decisions.
Our product management team is devoted to making sure we get as much information to you as possible about every product we offer on our website. This saves you time and effort from having to research these details on various manufacturer websites.
#9 - Meet other folks and share!
altE Store is more than a retailer of solar and wind energy goods and education. We provide you with ways of sharing your questions, accomplishments and answers with like minded renewable energy enthusiasts. Show off your system in our customer system gallery, and meet with other folks on our forum!
#10 - The technical sales person helping you is amongst the best trained in the industry.
We have some of the best technically trained sales people in the industry. All of them have passed the NABCEP Entry Level exam. All of them are required to spend weeks out of the year getting hands on experience, learning about new technologies and products, refining their knowledge through advanced training and many even teach the professional series of IREC accredited classes offered by our altE U.
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