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Children's Science Exhibit

Hello,I work in Olympia Washington as a scoutmaster for troop 418.We are putting on some science workshops at the children´┐Żs sci...
Brad Whaley 0

Centrifugal Clothes Dryer / Water Extractor for Home Use

Niffy extractors in Mexico are everywhere and I am trying to locate an affordable source in the USA. It is for home / personal u...
Paula Townsell 0

Centennial Solar is a manufacture of PV modules in North America

Centennial solar is a manufacture of PV modules in North America !, we offer industry-leading performance and proprietary design...
Gord Terlier 0

Cadmium Teluride Solar Panels

Cadmium Teluride Solar Panels - Does anyone know where I can get CdTe Solar Panels?  I found a company that has them, b...
Jack Spamless 0

Building a new home....

I am building a new home.  The front of my house will face South.  I wanted to know, if any PV panels/materials existe...
Steven Gomric 1

Brown's gas manuals

Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a used set of Brown's Gas manuals, 1& 2 These were written by George Wis...
Dan Clizer 0

bottled propane gas ovens & ranges for home use

I don't know if such exists, but I live where there is no 220V outlets for electric stove/range and no gas lines.  What I w...
Carla Rosenberger 8

Big Solar Water pumps

Hello. I am looking for Solar water pumps. I need big Solar water pumps. That means the pump must bring the water from 100 metre...
Kakar 6

awreness on the matter.

Sir I'm a Nigerian and due to epilectic power supply I am intrested in the cost of setting up solar energy as an alternative sou...
emmanuel nyabam 0

Any Xantrex DR Series US Inverters, C35/C40/C60 Charge Controllers

If anyone has new or slightly used Xantrex DR inverter/chargers, I am looking for them.  We bould transportable solar gener...
Anthony Williams 6

alternative energy home

I am planning a home to be constructed in Puerto Rico (planned completion Dec. 2002). Because of the frequency of interrupted po...
Leroy 2

Alternate energy appliances

Where can I find information on household refrigerators that are powered by kerosine.  I know that they are quite common in...
Robb Kudra 2

Air 403 Turbine 12v and over 1500w inverter. even better if the inverter outs 230V

Air 403 Turbine 12v and over 1500w inverter. even better if  the inverter outs 230Vwanted.
adrian 0

A Job!!

Looking to connect with solar installers, technicians, and creators for work, commentary, and advice. Also willing to provide av...
Aaron Mandelkorn 1

500kW up to 1MW Wind generator request

I am looking for 500kW up to 1MW Wind generators Located in the States for sale; New or used. Please remember to include pr...
Juan-carlos Parra 3

3624 parts needee

I need circuit boards for my Trace DR 3624 inverter any help in finding where I can get them would be appreciated Thanks ...
Donald Bodda 1

3 years off grid! female designed & constucted homestead seeks 80 watt panel(s)

My 5 acre homestead is completely off grid in the mojave desert.  With no prior training or knowledge, I sought to build a ...
Karen E 6

110v Jacobs Wanted

I am looking for a 110 volt Jacobs wind generator. Does not have to be complete.    
Roger Yoneliunas 1

110/24v charger

Live in Baja California, have a 24volt solar system. Due to weather conditions, I am looking for a 110/24volt battery charger. &...
Larry Beagle 1

1.5 volt solar panels

I am trying to find a supplier of polythene  solar panels that produce 1.5 volts Max  do you know of any one.  Th...
stan hudson 1

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