Rebate Programs and Net Metering regulations

A forum to discuss state and federal rebate programs and incentives and utility net metering.


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Introduction to Rebate Programs and Net Metering

After a number of conversations that I’ve had with home owners, installers and resellers regarding rebate programs and net met...
Chris Brown 5

2007 Freeing the Grid Report

Here is a excellent report on net metering and interconnection from the Network for New Energy Choices. This should be a mandato...
Chris Brown 0

California Solar Contractor Warranty Requirements

I have a business with a 60kW PV system. It's 5 years old. The original contractor I purchased from is pressuring me to sig...
john Olney 0

California: 2007 CEC Rebate Changes

I have heard that there have been major changes to the state rebate program in California and that the rebates are now performan...
Chris Brown 3

Canada - plugging into my house.

I thought I would start this thread, and see (hopefully) if I am wrong. I purchased 3 - 110 watt solar panels, and a 300 wat...
Dave Lotte 0

Feed In Tarrif for Solar

  Solar Energy that produces no pollution, uses no water and is made right when we need it during the Peak Time Of Day shou...
Jim Stack 0

IF you live on the TVA power system, buyback amount is going up.

Tennessee Valley Authority, which covers most of Tennessee and some of Alabama, has a buy back program called Green Partners Gen...
Andy D 0

Looking for electricity prices for AZ, NC, and WA

Hi! I'm doing research for a blog and need electricity prices for these states: Arizona, North Carolina, and Washi...
Alexander Merigan 0


I was talking with a client today who is looking for a "neutral isolated meter socket" that was required by his utilit...
Chris Brown 1

new cec ruling on SWWP skystream

just noticed this article, looks like cali folks can now have their skytream and their rebate too. http://www.aer-onlin...
James Cormican 0

New Federal Tax credit

Does anyone know what the minimum power generating spec is for the Federal credit on solar? I live in the state of Illinois and ...
Max Schulte 0

News Articles and Websites

I have not seen a whole lot of coverage from the major media outlets regarding net metering changes and rebate programs in gener...
Chris Brown 13

NH Renewable Incentive

The state of NH just passed a rebate program for renewables effective July 1st. $3 per installed watt, up to $5000 or 50% of the...

NY Residents and Installers - Please Help Pass This Legislation

Hello NY Residents! Please help to get these Energy Bills enacted! Please call, email and write your State Senator and...
Chris Brown 0

Rebate for "Not primary residence".

In Texas (many other states also) there is a %30 rebate on solar equipment.  The drawback is; I plan to install $5000 worth of ...
Da Sysadminguy 1

Residential Solar and Fuel Cell Tax Credit (Federal)

Based on what I understand there is a $2000 federal tax credit that can be applied when filing your federal income taxes for sol...
Chris Brown 1

Revenue grade meters

Is there a difference between your standard house utility meter and a revenue grade meter?  A project I'm working on r...
Rob Lowers 0

solar energy tax credit question

To get tax credit from federal or local government, the equipments must come from one of the qualified manufacturer? if yes, how...
James Mei 1

SOLAR ROI payback

Many talk about the Return On Investment of solar. There was a great article in Home Power Issue 100 a while back where a friend...
Jim Stack 0

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