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Children's Science Exhibit

Hello,I work in Olympia Washington as a scoutmaster for troop 418.We are putting on some science workshops at the children´┐Żs sci...
Brad Whaley 0

Looking for solar-powered pool heater...

I'm looking into finding a solar-powered pool heater.  Wondering if you carry them or can direct me to an on-line site that...
John Nathan 7

Looking for small round PV cells for hobby project

Hello,I am looking for a manufacturer that produces a small 2-3 inch in diameter PV cell I can connect to a small DC motor. I ne...
Valerie 1

Solar Panel for Laptop

I would like to use solor panels to power my laptop while hiking .  who sells such devices ? or how can I make one.  H...
Tom 0

Heliotrope C120 E instructions or manual needed

I am looking for a copy of the paperwork for a Heliotrope C120E Charge controller. I am trying to Identify the top set of DIP sw...
Warren Lee 0

Science Project

I am currently working on my 8th grade science project. I have created a renewable energy source using magnets and a PVC wheel. ...
James 1

Solar and Wind power getting started

I am interested in learning more about solar and wind  power energies.  I am planning on using both sources in the fut...
Ron 1


Steve Motinga 2


Hello all,I am a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.  We are looking for a small scale wind gene...
Jim Adams 0

I need new or used geneators for large wind turbines

I will buy any (large >500kw)new or used generator for windmills
Jerry Washington 1

egg-beater style windmill

would like to know why these were discontinued, and if anyone has one or more they would like to part with. parts are okay, as l...
Leonard Settle 2

wind mill

i would like to know witch   wind mill is the best for generating electric for a home or mobile home use and what does it c...
bill 1

metamorphic solar panels

 Where can I get information on solar panels that are supposedly metamorphically created, so to speak?(could be an extrusio...
cal marlow 0


I need help. I am doing this Investigatory project in school about solar panels and I don't know how it works. I am supposed to ...
eva mae 3

off-grid living

Will be moving to S E Arizona shortly and have been trying to figure out internet and telephone service without wires. Can we ge...
Ed Arnold 2

Human power?

Does anyone know where I can get a device that I could attach to exercise equipment for producing electricity?  I'm not rea...
Linda Alexander 1

alternative energy home

I am planning a home to be constructed in Puerto Rico (planned completion Dec. 2002). Because of the frequency of interrupted po...
Leroy 2

Solar Modul based Solar System

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,My company is looking for a Solar System which is based on Solar Panels. The Solar System has to be ab...
Kakar 2

1.5 volt solar panels

I am trying to find a supplier of polythene  solar panels that produce 1.5 volts Max  do you know of any one.  Th...
stan hudson 1

Need an installer

Looking for an installer/contractor to install windturbine in Lehigh Valley PA. (Easton, Bethlehehem and Allentown)
James Harlan 2

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