Blue Sky Energy's Solar boost 50DL

Mar 12, 2010 05:46 am
Blue Sky Energy's Solar boost 50DL

I am just a beginner...
I assembled 2 100W solar panel...specs: VoC- 25V IsC - 4A
I wired these panels in parallel with my solar boost 50DL controller...
I have a 200AH battery bank...
my system voltage is 12V...i am using these set-up to power the lighting requirements of my farm...
My question is, why does the battery voltage drops with  the solar panel voltage? do i need to install a blocking diode?
My farm is located in the the moment the weather really is hot, which is caused by el nino phenomenon.
The load at the moment is 720W per day and the battery drops to 11.7V in the morning and the maximum voltage we can achieve at the end of the day is just 12.7V
Any thoughts?
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Mar 12, 2010 06:08 pm
Re: Blue Sky Energy's Solar boost 50DL

Hello Glenndie Gigante,

 more details are always good.

 couple of things that may help. that sb50dl will let us feed it up 57voc on the input side of things. being in the philippines it takes away our cold temp correction worries so we should be able to series those pv modules for a better shot at getting the power into the battery bank. (we may be getting excessive voltage drop due to hot modules)

 might think about going with a battery bank about three times that size. we have the potential (if all goes well) of harvesting close to 100 amp hours @ 12vdc each day and need a bigger place to store it.


ps, was that 2x100watt pv modules or 100watt total? specs please.
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Mar 12, 2010 11:13 pm
Re: Blue Sky Energy's Solar boost 50DL

Hi David,
it is a 2x100W i have total of 200W.
I was really worried of wiring them up in series, thought that i would exceed the 57V max of the controller.

I will be adding 1 more battery of the same capacity (200AH) but this time i will add 2x72W module, so my new configuration will be 100W&72W in series/parallel. the 72W module specs are : VoC-18V and IsC-4A, would there be any problem with that?
What about blocking diodes, do i need them?

Battery bank will be 24V system...

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Mar 13, 2010 03:43 pm
Re: Blue Sky Energy's Solar boost 50DL

Hi Glenndie,

 afraid we are still having trouble understanding exactly what you have there for pv modules.

 are these a "store bought" name brand solar panel? (if so do we have the name or full data sheet?) these numbers sound odd..could it be these are a "home brew" module? could it be that you made the 100 watters out of 42 cells and are making some more with 30 cells?

 i do know that some of the "ebay" type specs for the cells can be very misleading and hand assembled panels are questionable as far as predicting output and lifetime estimates.
 oh., and our controller takes care of the function of blocking worries there. (however many commercial modules have "bypass diodes" built in for shading concerns)

 kind regards, dave

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