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Here you'll find books on topics ranging from composting to carbon-busting, "green" building materials to solar food drying, and more. Pour yourself another cup and enjoy perusing our selection!

Product Name ↓ Price
 AltE Store Catalog   AltE Store Catalog   $5.06 
 Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House   Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House   $16.15 
 Serious Straw Bale   Serious Straw Bale   $19.60 
 The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook   The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook   $17.58 
 The Rammed Earth House   The Rammed Earth House   $28.87 
 The Solar House - Dan Chiras   The Solar House - Dan Chiras   $19.10 
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