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AC Coupling Overview | Solar Power When The Grid Goes Down

Discussed in this video is how a regular grid tie solar power system works when the grid is up and when it's down, and what some of your options are when the grid does go down.

- Limitations of a Grid-tie Inverter
- Dealing with power outages
- Adding battery backup to your Grid-tie Solar System

altE Store has made adding battery backup to your grid tie solar power system easy by designing some AC Coupling kits for you to add backup to your grid tie system. We can work with you to determine which kit is right for your needs, or if you need a custom designed kit.

AC Coupling Kits include:
- Hybrid Inverter
- Batteries
- Battery Box
- DC Breakers
- Control Panel

Shop for AC Coupling Kits at altE

Read more about AC Coupling here

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