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JON Bascom

Laing D5/710B PV Circulating Pump- threaded

Written August 10, 2008

Good & Bas all in one

This pump works great, BUT Dont ever let get the smallest leak in the tubing where a small drip can travel down the side and then gets inside the motor very easily. It will short it out. It seems the seal on these pumps dont seal a thing. When you call the company about it, they deny you any results due to "its your fault for letting it get wet". I called the manufacture and they stated a little water shouldnt hurt it. It seems when you call AltE Store, you dont get anyone who can help you and when you finally do, they deny you any help in the end. I will never do business with this company agagin. First they try to rip me off and only ship 1 of 2 pumps, I had to fight with them to get the second one I paid for and now the pump leaked and fried out. Dont do business with a company like this when they dont care about the customer at all. When you call to complain, dont ever expect to get any help at all either.

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