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Posted by P.V. Intertie on Mar 30, 2000 06:29 pm

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We are terribly sorry you we're unable to get a hold of us yesterday.  I believe one of our sales representatives, Wayne, responded to you late yesterday. I would like to apologize and attempt to explain why you had problems.

We recently underwent an upgrade of our servers to provide quicker more reliable service.  This upgrade is now complete.  However, this upgrade did not occur without incident.  Over the last week we have had problems with email being delayed, or rejected all together.  These problems have caused an increase in the number of phone calls we are receiving and have thus increased our response time.  I believe that when you tried calling us yesterday, all of our sales representatives were tied up at the time.  I am unsure if Wayne contacted you through email or via a phone call, but please be assured that if you leave a voice message we will get back to you as soon as possible.  A phone message is generally the most reliable means of getting through to us, aside from speaking to us directly. We hope we have put this upgrade behind us and appreciate your patience.  We look forward to returning to the service level you have come to expect from the Alternative Energy Store very shortly.  Once again, thank you for your understanding and patience.

Jason Federspiel


Posted by P.V. Intertie on Feb 22, 2000 08:44 pm

#2 -  Renewable Energy > For Sale > Re: SOLAR WATER PUMPS AND OTHER SOLAR SYSTEMS
I would be more than happy to offer you help in determining a solar pump to fit your application.  However, we currently do not carry any type of solar lighting systems.  I could direct you in how to size a system for use with lights run off of AC, but we currently do not have any DC powered lights.

 Ok, as far as the pumps go.  Will these be used to pump the water into a storage tank?  If so, how far away from the well source is the tank and at what elevation.  If this is to be used in a home application I would need to know how far away from the source the house is and how many people will be using it.  THe two most popular pumps we carry are as follows:

SunRise 5218 Submersible Pump.......................$1395.00

This is a submersible pump wich can handle pumping up to 600' or 200 meters.  ANother popular pump we carry is a surface pump generally used in low flow rate situations:

Dankoff 2500-12V Water Pump..........................$409.69

 So, for now, take a look at these to pumps and try to provide me more information on your applications.  


Posted by P.V. Intertie on Dec 15, 1999 12:31 am

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 The best source for information on Solar Panels or Photovoltaics is probably the web. There are several good sites put out by the government:



 If your looking for a good book, "The Solar Electric House" by Steven J. Strong has a couple of chapters on the history of Photovoltaics as well as the different manufacturing methods.  This book gives a very good overview of the different portions of an off the grid system as well. It should be available at your local library or through our website.
 You also might want to so some looking though HomePower magazine's web site.  They more than likely have written an article or two on photovoltaics.  Their site is located at:


 Finally, if your looking to purchase individual solar cells, we offer those as well.  However, they are not listed on our site and they would have to be ordered in large quantities. Hope this helps, if you still need more information, drop us another line.


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