Equalize Charge Using Direct Panel to Battery Connection

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Jul 24, 2011 01:48 am
Equalize Charge Using Direct Panel to Battery Connection

I decided that I wanted to equalize my battery today.  After doing some research about what voltage to do it at I decided to try connecting my 110 watt solar panel directly to the battery without the charge controller to see if that would work.

I carefully monitored the battery voltage and battery temperature.  I stopped the process once the batteries hit 15.5 volts.

After I did this I checked the batteries using a specific gravity tester.  This technique seemed to have worked.

Previously using my radio in its high power setting would cause the voltage to sag nearly a half a volt.  After this charge I'm seeing a sag of 0.1 volts.  I use my system mostly for radio equipment, lighting, and my computer.

I just wanted to throw this method of equalizing out there for others that have charge controllers that are not capable of doing this.

Any comments, suggestions, etc welcome.  Please remember I'm new at this. Smiley 

*All load testing (before and after) was performed at 12.32 volts to ensure that I wasn't measuring a surface charge or being otherwise deceived.
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Jul 24, 2011 07:24 pm
Re: Equalize Charge Using Direct Panel to Battery Connection

Yup Travis it works. That is how it was done before there were charge controllers. If you are feeding actual voltage from a panel, and it is supplying an amount of current then that is going to charge your battery. Controllers only limit and regulate these factors for safe battery charging, when folks like yourself do not have the time to monitor such things....

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