New cheaper solar freezer and refrigerators sell

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Dec 15, 2008 11:15 pm
New cheaper solar freezer and refrigerators sell

We are the manufacturer of DC 12V/24V freezers in china ,use two 85W  solar panels (34V) and put two pcs of 100 amperehour batteries together ,because our products will more stable @24V than 12V ,so that why i use 34V solar panels to recharger 24V batteries. in order to keep my freezers cooling performance ,our products of Power consumption maybe high,when our freezer start ,it will be around 4-5A @24v ,But that just last around 10-15 minutes ,then our power is around 2-2.5A @24V.

And  there is my testing detail date as follows:
1. Solar panels : the highest recharge power is 6A @24V in the middle day. But the lowest power recharger is 0.8-1A @24V ,that is to say ,some day have no sun my solar panels still can recharger the batteries but it's very limited.
2. Solar batteries: we use highest quality of solar acid batteries, which can be used over two years .
  If there is no electronic in the batteries ,and they need 8-10 hours to recharger the batteries with our 160W solar panels . And if there is no sun but our batteries power is full besides without recharger from solar panels ,our freezer still can last working for 20-22 hours because our freezer power consumption is high . In order to solve this problem,we add the AC/DC adaptor for AC power use ,if there is no power in the batteries and without sun can't be charger ,we use AC power let the freezer still working .our AC/DC adaptor is 6A/24V ,and from 110-240V 50-60HZ
3. Solar charger controller: we use 10A/24V solar charger controller. We added power consumption table ,power recharger table and batteries voltage table all of this will tell you the power consumption, recharger power and our batteries voltage , when the batteries voltage reached at around 22.3V ,our freezer&fridge will stop( low voltage protection function)
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Jan 2, 2009 07:41 pm
Re: New cheaper solar freezer and refrigerators sell

How much is your solar freezers etc

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