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Whisper 100 Wind Turbine - 900Watt 12/24/36/48V Marine with Control

Call us @ (928) 759-9983 Condition: Slightly Used (Used for 2 weeks for demo) Sold 'As is' ...
Jim Weber 0

Whisper 100 Wind Turbine - 900Watt 12/24/36/48V Marine with Control

Call us @ (928) 759-9983 Condition: Slightly Used (Used for 2 weeks for demo) Sold 'As is' ...
Jim Weber 0

what's the diffence in choosing a 12 or a 24 or 48v wind turbine and inverter?

anyone knows
adrian 1

What size Wind Generator do we need?

I was just wondering if anybody happens to know how to determine the size of wind generator we need.  
Halston Anderson 2

Water2FIRE generation for a Green Earth

Subject: Water2Fire generation for all cooking, heating, metal industry and farming (heat for green house)Dear All,We are glad t...
Ron Tan 0

water pum want

A.K.V.Emporium in Srilanka need solar water pum for irrigation  farmers used  and USED SOLAR panels.Thanking youN.Loge...
N.Logeswaran 0

Water Baby-Monitor-Controller for sale

I used this system for about 3 months. It all works great. My setup used 600' of 1.25" line with 110 feet of head. The...
Howard Firm 0

Water Baby,Trimetric 2020, C40 Controller, 1000w dump load resistor sale

Howard Firm 0

Wanted:Small Woodburning Stove for Yurt/Ger

Looking for a small woodburning stove for a yurt/ger. We'd use it to heat the yurt and also to cook on in the wintertime. I...
Jessica Trudeau 0

Wanted: Wood to build floor for yurt/ger

Looking to make a floor out of used/old wood for Mongolian yurt/ger. If you have just torn down a barn or even have some scrap w...
Jessica Trudeau 0

Wanted: used solar setup and or wind setup

Disabled couple living off-grid (no access to utilities) in Idaho looking for 1) Inexpensive used solar setup [panel(s...
William Caudill 0

WANTED: Solarex MSX 120 panels

cheap!email: cleugh @ unm.eduif you have anything compatible
fd cs 0

Wanted: Solar Attic fan self install

I'm looking for a solar attic fan, self install. I don't want to pay more than $200 don't care if its used as lon...
Victoria Pirillo 1

Wanted: Good used solar panels and equipment in NC

I'm looking for some used solar equipment at reasonable prices. We have a great location for solar but not a lot of funds( we ar...
Sue 2

Wanted: COMPOST TOILET, No-Water, Non-Electric

My husband and I have been living abroad for 3 years (partly in the Peace Corps in Mongolia)and are moving back to the U.S. to l...
Jessica Trudeau 0

Wanted: 40kw to 80kw single phase wind turbines, refurbished or non refurbished

For farm installation.  I live in the country with no access to 3 phase so would like the biggest single phase I can find.&...
John Koskan 0

Wanted- Solar Panels in New Mexico

Looking for used panels. Preferably 50W size or larger.Thanks
Jeff 1

Wanted Wind generator for RV/Motorhome

Looking for a modestly price wind generator, preferably around 400 watts or more. Thanks...Garry
garry sheppard 2

wanted used solar panels

wanted goood used solar panels/Arizona
ray 4

Wanted Used Composting Toilet

Please email ginncrew @ if you have a composting toilet for sale. Thanks, Joe
Joe Ginn 0

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