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Wind Intertie System

Can anyone give me info for setting up a Utility Intertie system using wind without batteries, do you know where I can buy an in...
Don Buckman 4

wind turbine blade design software

$8 Software to allow you design your rotor and predict performance. Choose from a number ofairfoil sections and be able to plot ...
Christopher Turner 0

Solar Boilers and Tubes

Solar tubes and boilers for sale.Built to a high spec, guaranteed and gives endless hot water.Looking for agents world wide, als...
Graham Cockroft 0

Solar Tubes and Boilers

Solar tubes and boilers for sale.Built to a high spec, guaranteed and gives endless hot water.Looking for agents world wide, als...
Graham Cockroft 0

Solar Power Garden lamp

I like to design my own garden light with solar power. At present I am not interested in high power lamps. I need to find a prac...
Lionel Palliya Guruge 0


For sale: Sealed lead-acid batteries  for back-up power storage. 1200 lbs. each, like brand new, 290.00 each. call Erv @ 95...
Erv Wachman 1

Investment in Windpower in China Wanted

Joint Venture InitiativeWind Power Equipment Production Line in Wuhan, ChinaParty A: China Changjiang Power Company1. Background...
chen minghua 0

solar system parts

looking for a trace c60 or c40 controler used, 2000-35000 watt inverter modified sine wave fine, uni-solar us64 pannels. i have ...
randy vanscoy 1

Complete,operating 5 kw system for sale

One year old. Thirty BP 275s, Exeltech 58xx pure sine wave inverter, 15 Trojan J165s, charge controller, all breakers, mounts, 4...
rebelyell 2


I have one (N.I.B.,) Air 403 land 12v wind generator, and a used(like new) prowatt 2512 (2.5 Kw  12V ) modified sinewave in...
John 4

Alternative energy Dome for sale

Oregon/California border, 3,600 sq.ft dome for sale, close pristine river. Pool, organic garden, orchard, 2/3rd acre....
sandy halasz 0


I have a one acre pond, 12-15 ft. deep, and would like aerate it with solar power, also have a stream with in 50 ft. would like ...
Joe 3

45' Air Tower Kit

45' air tower kit still in box never been opened. $150.00 plus shipping call 970-481-4656 MST.
e. ostransky 4

Tax credits/Solar energy

I have just put in a solar system in Colorado. Are there any tax credits for a homeowner, who has 100% alternative energy?
Serena Roseberry 2

solar panels

Are the photowatt 1000 UL listed? Are any of there panels UL listed?
GCHandy 3

looking for a turnkey system

Hi - I live in 92691 and am ready to purchase a turnkey system, including full installation. I have done good basic homework but...
jeff 0

Solar, Vibrating Cell Phone Batteries

Sun Power = Convenience & PracticalityAvailable for Nokia 5100/6100/7100 Series2 Models:  Slim or ExtendedSpecs:  Slim...
Mandy Kemper 0

Michel Bisson 0

Wanted used C-40 or other divertion load controller

I am looking for an used and inexpensive diversion load controller to divert excess power to a heater.Something up to 60 Amp wil...
Tad Menert 0


From; Ndelle YAPWe would like to order different types of water pumping solar systems for boreholes of depth 40 to 150 meters. A...
Env Consult 3

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