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Where can I buy components/inverters for large windmills?

I am trying to sell power back to the power company.  I need to purchase an inverter.  I also need someone to install/...
Jerry Washington 1

Interested in solar !!!!!

Yes, I was wanting some infomation on replacing  my regular energy power for solar to run my well pump.. this way i would n...
Gloria 1

Big Solar Water pumps

Hello. I am looking for Solar water pumps. I need big Solar water pumps. That means the pump must bring the water from 100 metre...
Kakar 6

Cub Scout Solar Power Project

I am looking for learning tools, information and supplies for a cub scout project to make small solar power toy cars.
Doris Benbrook 1

plant watering using solar water pump

i have customers that need their flower pots water ed. my idea was to use the flower pot as the base to hold the water and some ...
mike zimmermann 0

wind power

i need to know about wind power like wind mill's can you help me in any wAY?
matt 5

Wind data

I'm looking for a weather data, mostly wind, that I can use to collect data using my PC.  I see a lot of self contained uni...
Bert Nye 1


I am looking for a used 1512 or 2412.Can anyone help?
dave 0

Tesla motors

Any info on Tesla motors and where this technology is today is appreciated. Are they available? Where can one find information o...
Alain 3

Water fountain

I'm looking to put a water fountain in the middle of a remote pond... I've seen AC pond kits, but I'm looking for some kind of w...
Andy 2

Alternate energy appliances

Where can I find information on household refrigerators that are powered by kerosine.  I know that they are quite common in...
Robb Kudra 2

solar power for an electric fence

I have an electric fence (about 1/2 acre) and would like to power it with solar energy.  Does anyone know what solar parts ...
Jackie Nelson 3

Looking for a solar panel producer

hello!   i am looking for a small scale producer of solar panel who is interested in setting up a base for production of su...
Tushar 0

water pumps

I am intersted in irrigating approx. 10 acres of pasture using a solar water pump. The water is on the surface. The pump I think...
ted fink 2

Looking for sumersible solar water pump

I want to buy a sumersible solar water pump who can deliver 50 gpm at 300 foot deep.I will appreciate any offer or sugestion....
Pericles Velgis 1

Looking for a used C-40 or other divertion load controller

I am looking for some inexpensive used C-40 to divert some load to the room heaterThanxTad
Tad Menert 0

solar panel

I already have an inverter (2500watts/24 volts) in my residence to supply frequent electricity outages.What do I need to have a ...
enex 2

used invertors

I would like to purchase a used invertor of 600 watts with built in charger for my RV.  Prefer Trace
Dennis 0

solar panel system for RV

I am looking for info on a complete solar energy system for my motothome. Tired of the "generatorblues" and down time. Would be ...
Roy Price 1

fridge kit

I was told that someone carries a high-efficient refridgerator kit that I can assemble myself...Who has it???/anyone know?Brian&...
Brian 2

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