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What are solar batteries?

Solar batteries are an important part of any solar energy system, allowing the energy from the sun to be stored and used later. Charging solar batteries is not as complicated as it may seem, but there are certain things to consider before doing so. This post will provide an overview of how to charge a solar battery, types of solar batteries, how long solar batteries typically last, whether you can charge solar batteries without a charge controller, and how much they cost.

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Everything You Need to Know About Going Off-Grid with Solar

Going off the grid is a commitment that requires complete solar power systems for your home or business, which is why the altE Off Grid Solar System Sizing Calculator was designed. From sizing your battery bank and calculating the number of watts of solar power you need, this calculator will help make sure you don’t needlessly spend money on equipment or supplies. Many people find that DIY solar is the ideal way to own a complete solar panel system. 

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