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Solar Power System Components Video Series

This 4-part video series covers the primary components of a solar power system: solar panels and storage batteries, charge controllers and inverters, solar panel racking, and overcurrent protection.

What does it take to make a solar power system? While the complete answer depends on whether we’re talking about an off-grid system or a grid-tied system, let’s go over all the primary solar power system components to get an understanding of how they work together to generate and deliver electricity from the sun.

Solar Panels and Storage Batteries

We’ll start with the most obvious solar power system components: solar panels (often called PV modules) and batteries (specifically “deep-cycle” batteries).

Solar Charge Controllers & Inverters

Next we’ll cover the components that regulate the power generated by the solar panels so that we can safely put it to use.

Solar Panel Racking

Safely and securely mounting solar panels at the proper angle to the sun is a sometimes underappreciated – but no less important – component of a solar power system. So let’s dive into the world of solar panel racking.

Overcurrent Protection

Finally, we’ll cover the components that keep a solar power system working safely: fuses, breakers, and electrical enclosures – collectively known as “overcurrent protection”.