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Grid Tied Solar System Sizing Calculator

The altE Store Grid Tied Calculator is designed to help you size a solar panel system for on-grid use.

Simply go through the steps listed below, and you will get an idea of what you need for your system. Feel free to call our Knowledgeable Staff at and have them help you find the system that fits your needs.


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Grid Tied System Sizing

Determine the size of the solar panel array and on-grid system you will need.

Step 1:

How many kilowatt-hours (kWh) does your home/location use per month?

(This value is usually printed on your electric bill. Entering your annual average gives even more useful results. If you don't have a bill, or don't know your consumption, please use our kWh Calculator to go through the steps to determine this value.)

kilowatt-hours per month

What portion of your electricity usage (your "load") do you want to produce with a solar electric system?

You can adjust this portion by entering a percentage number below (don't bother typing the % sign).

Desired percentage of total loads offset by solar

Step 2:

You need to determine the average number of sun hrs per day.

Select the State-City closest to your location (currently only US states are provided)

or Manually enter the average sun-hours for your location.

Step 3:

The total wattage of Solar Panels that you need is:

Watts, or kilowatts

This value takes into account losses due to system inefficiencies.

Step 4:

How many solar panels do you need? That depends on the panel you choose.

Select the wattage of the panel you're interested in, and see the results below:

watts per panel

Find the solar panel that fits your needs here.

You will need for a total of watts.

You will need a Grid Tied inverter that can handle watts.

Browse our full line of Grid Tied Inverters.

Is your electricity consumption so high that a solar electric system seems far out of reach? Don't despair, our Experts can help you find other solutions that may help.

Now that you have sized up the system that fits your needs, call our Experts at 877-878-4060 and let them help you find the exact products for your system.

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