Knowing your daily electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh) is crucial for properly sizing a solar power system, and our kWh Calculator makes it easy.

Appliance/Load Name On at Same Time* Quantity AC Watts AC Surge* DC Watts* Hours On per Day Watt-Hours / Day
Total Watt-Hours/Day: 0

*Values only needed if you want a system which operates with batteries (e.g. an off-grid solar system)

Power Consumption of Household Appliances

Select the appliances from this drop down menu. To the right will appear typical wattage values for the appliance you selected. However, for the most accurate information look on your appliance to find its wattage rating (or its amperage rating and then multiply that by its voltage to approximate its wattage).

See our Kill-a-Watt database for real-world power consumption data on a variety of older appliances collected by our staff and customers.

Other Useful Information

If You're Sizing an Off-Grid System
Your off-grid inverter needs to be rated for at least 0 Watts and support a power surge of at least 0 Watts.
Your average DC only energy consumption is 0 Watt-hours.
For help sizing an Off-Grid system that meets these requirements, submit an Off-Grid System Quote Request or submit a Battery Backup Quote Request.

If You're Sizing a Grid-Tie System
Your average daily watt-hours usage is 0 Watt-hours.
For help sizing an Grid-Tied system that meets these requirements, submit a Grid-Tied System Quote Request.

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