Deciding Which Solar PV/Electric System is Right for You

Figure out what renewable energy application is right for you, and find links to contact us for any kind of system design and quote you need! Not quite sure what you'd like? This video outlines some examples of the different types of solar PV / electric systems. And if you have any questions, please give us a call at 877-878-4060 or write us a message online.
GRID-TIE SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS Grid-tie systems are designed for those who have reliable electric utility service and simply wish to offset their electric utility bill with solar. A grid-tied system generates clean electricity for your home when the sun is shining and sells any excess back to the electric company. When the sun isn't out or the system isn’t producing enough from solar, you just buy power from the grid as normal. Because they are tied to the grid, grid-tie inverters do not provide any power when the grid is down.

Please use our Grid-Tie Quote Request Form for a quote, or explore our site to learn more about Grid Tied solar power systems.

OFF-GRID SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS Off-grid systems have no connection to the grid and must make all the electricity necessary for your site. In off-grid systems, energy is stored in a battery bank, and solar panels or other renewable power sources keep the battery bank charged. 12V or 24V DC power can be supplied to loads, or 120V/240V AC power can be supplied by an off-grid inverter. An off-grid solar system must be sized properly to reliably support your daily power needs and replace the stored energy pulled from the battery bank each day. They usually include an optional input for a backup generator to charge the batteries and run loads during periods without much sun.

Please use our Off Grid Quote Request Form for a quote, or explore our site to learn more about Off Grid solar power systems.

GRID PLUS BATTERY STORAGE SYSTEMS Hybrid systems make use of a bi-modal inverter that can switch between off-grid and grid tie mode. They work best for those who want to be connected to the grid and have backup power available during outages, or for those who want a grid-tie system that can use the solar energy without selling it all to the grid. Hybrid systems always include a battery bank and a battery-based inverter, and they usually have a solar array and a dedicated electrical sub-panel for your critical loads (ex. fridge, lights, heating system).

Please use our Battery Backup Quote Request Form for a quote, or explore our site to learn more about Battery Backup solar power systems.

SOLAR WATER PUMP SYSTEMS Solar water pumps are often used in remote areas where the cost of running traditional water piping is cost prohibitive or you just want to provide water to an off-grid home. Solar water pumping systems are also used to pump water for livestock and crop irrigation.

Please use our Solar Water Pumping Form for a quote, or explore our site to learn more about Solar Water Pumping systems.

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