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Intro to Solar Panels

This 2-part video series discusses solar panel basics: voltage, current, power, grid-tied vs. off-grid applications, Standard Test Conditions, connecting modules, and mono vs poly solar cells.

Welcome to our Intro to Solar Panels video series, where Solar Queen Amy Beaudet explains all aspects of a solar panel. This video series builds on our Electricity Basics video series.

Solar Panel Voltage, Wattage, and Current

First up up Amy explains solar panel voltages and the different considerations when using solar panels to charge batteries vs. using them in a grid-tied application.



Standard Test Conditions, Wiring, and Mono vs. Poly Solar Cells

Next up Amy explains how to read the label on solar panel – including understanding the implications of Standard Test Conditions (STC) – how to connect and disconnect modules in an array, and the differences between monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar PV cells.