Outback’s New FXR Power Inverter/Chargers

OutBack's New FXR Inverter/Chargers

OutBack's New FXR Power Inverter/ChargersWe recently sat down with John Webber from Outback Power and talked about their new next generation hybrid inverter/charger now available, the Outback Power FXR. It combines the history of reliability from their FX inverters, with many of the new features and configurability of their newer Radian inverters. The result is an incredibly versatile solution that can even change with your needs.

FXR Inverter Can Do Off Grid Power, Grid Tie or Both…

So what makes the FXR different from the rest of their FX inverter family? The FXR inverter/charger is field configurable and upgradable, allowing one inverter to replace the need for multiple models. Unlike the previous FX family, all of the inverters are able to be configured as either an off grid inverter or a hybrid grid tie battery inverter, eliminating the need for installers to stock both options for customers. This also allows for changes in the future, for instance starting off-grid and adding the grid if it becomes available in the future, or starting out as a hybrid system connected to the grid, and then cutting the cord and going off-grid some day.

Two Voltage Families Cover Nearly Any Country’s Requirements

There are two voltage families; FXR 120V A inverter/charger for North America and other locations that use 120VAC single phase, and the FXR 230V E inverter/charger for Europe and other locations that use 230V single phase. Both voltage versions can switch between 50 and 60Hz, and have an adjustable voltage range (i.e. 100V-130V and 200V-260V ) allowing the inverter to be used in countries with uncommon power standards, such as Jamaica and Barbados with 110V 50Hz.

As with the previous FX family, the FXR inverter/charger is available in a vented or sealed model. The vented models allow air cooling to increase the watts they can handle, and sealed models are slightly lower wattage, but are good for coastal or dusty regions, protecting the electronics from salt air and abrasive dust.

North America 120V

Sealed: FXR2012A (2000W 12V), FXR2524A (2500W 24V), FXR3048A (3000W 48V)
Vented: VFXR2812A (2800W 12V), VFXR3524A (23500W 4V), VFXR3648A (3600W 48V)

Europe 230V

Sealed: FXR2012E (2000W 12V), FXR2024E (2000W 24V), FXR2348E (2300W 48V)
Vented: VFXR2612 (2600W 12V), VFXR3024E (3000W 24V), VFXR3048E (3000W 48V)

Create Single and Three Phase Systems and Stack Up to 36kW

Multiple FXR inverter/chargers can be stacked for split and 3-phase systems. Up to nine inverters can be wired together for a 3-phase system with all voltage models, three inverters per phase. Split phase 240V can be created with the 24V and 48V models, to create up to a 36kW inverter (120V A) or 30kW (230V E).

Supports Micro-Grids, Generators and New Deep Cycle Batteries

The FXR has the same seven programmable modes that Outback Power’s Radian hybrid inverter has, including the ability to create your own micro-grid, relying on your solar power system as the primary power source, and only utilizing the grid when needed in stretches of bad weather. In off-grid systems, it has generator support mode, automatically remotely turning on a generator with 2-wire start when needed to help power large loads. It also has configurable charging parameters for deep cycle batteries, allowing you to support the newest battery technologies, like salt water and lithium.

Choosing Between Outback FXR Inverter and the Radian

Unlike the Outback Power Radian’s dual AC input, the FXR inverter/charger has one AC input that can be used for either the grid or a generator. So if only one AC input is needed, the FXR is a perfect fit. If you are doing a hybrid grid tie, battery backup with generator system, then their Radian will be the inverter/charger for you.

Watch the video interview with John Webber of OutBack Power talking about the FXR Inverter Chargers!

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