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Open to the public to view and add to, the Kill-a-Watt database is a real world list of the power consumption of specific appliances and electronics people participating in the altE community have measured themselves using the Kill-a-Watt power meter (or other power meter).

Use this data to help create your own loads calculation for feeding into our online calculators for an off-grid and grid-tie solar electric systems or peruse just for fun. Click here to learn more or see below to begin browsing the entries people have made so far. Unfortunately we no longer have the ability to add new data. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Please select what category your product falls in:

Computers and accessories
Desktops, Laptops, servers, and accessories
Home appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators
Including standalone fax machines, copiers, and computer printers
Home Theater
Including Televisions, DVD players, and other entertainment devices
For devices such as phones
For Aquariums and other pet items
Traditional incandescent bulbs, CFLs, LEDs, Christmas lights, etc.

About This Database

The first step towards energy efficiency or sizing your renewable energy system is in understanding your power loads. Power loads tell us how much power any appliance uses and AltE has long been working towards proving a real, comprehensive tool for researching and calculating the loads of actual appliances.

To that end, everyone at AltE has pitched in and we've been cataloging products and appliances in our own lives to add to our Kill A Watt database!

Now, we're taking this to the next level - opening the database up to our community to encourage everyone to enter their readings from Kill A Watt meters and similar devices to provide better data for everyone!

Contribute Products and Power Loads

Help us develop a comprehensive database of products and their power consumption in our Kill A Watt Database!

Top Contributors

  1. Blair S - 12
  2. Joey Arnold - 10
  3. Gabriela Monge - 7
  4. SASCHA D - 7
  5. Brian Mello - 6
  6. Jon C - 4
  7. Kristen H - 4
  8. Darrell Clevenger - 4
  9. James Cormican - 4
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