Solar Charge Controllers with Blue Sky Energy

We are here with Jared and Stefano from Blue Sky Energy , talking about the history of the company and an overview of Blue Sky’s products.

AltE: Jared, can you tell me a bit about Blue Sky itself?

Blue Sky: Sure. Blue Sky was founded as RV Power Products back in the 90’s by Rick and Melanie Cullen.  And changed the name to Blue Sky Energy in the early 2000s. Around 2014, they decided to retire and ride off into the sunset with their RV, which they love very much.

AltE: Nice, solar powered I’m sure!?

Blue Sky: Solar powered. And the founder and creator of Genasun, Alex MeVay, purchased the company from Rick and Melanie, and brought the two teams together essentially. Over the past year, Blue Sky Energy and Genasun charge controller businesses have combined. We operate under the Blue Sky Energy name now, but we do manufacture, build, create, design, both lines of solar charge controllers now. So, both brands are under the same house. I know it’s been a little confusing for customers. Essentially, we have legacy employees from both companies, and we have new employees like Stefano who have joined since the companies combined. So that’s where we’re at now, and looking forward to moving forward like that.

AltE: Stefano, can you give a general overview of the products? I actually should have started by saying that you guys make these terrific solar charge controllers, that are wildly popular with RVers and boaters.

Blue Sky: This partnership between Genasun and Blue Sky works perfectly from the product perspective, with an overlap between power and application. Genasun is specialized in small application where the lightweight,  the high efficiency, the reliability is very important. And I think about the marine market, I think of urban application, I think portable systems. An RV, like a drone or solar aircraft, a golf cart, or extreme environmental condition. For the Blue Sky, it is specialized for up to 800 watt peak, or more for each single product. Or more if networked. It is perfect for application an RV or PV street lighting, or anywhere we need get data from the system and monitoring all of the parameters, even remotely.

AltE: So, we’ve got the ability to remotely monitor the Blue Sky products?

Blue Sky: Exactly. By remote or display, we can get all information from our PV off-grid solar system.

AltE: Terrific. So in general, the Genasun, they are watertight, they are great for extreme environments, smaller systems. And the Blue Sky tends to be a little bit bigger system, and a little bit more protected, like inside an RV or boat.

Blue Sky: Exactly. RV and where we need to charge two different battery banks. Because one of the best features of the product is the charge controller can charge two different battery banks, primary and secondary.

AltE: Right, so if we’ve got the cabin battery and the starting battery, we can keep them both with the same array. That’s terrific.

Blue Sky: And very interesting that have a remoter display and maybe you can install it on your cockpit of your RV or the flag mounting. And it’s perfect, you can take all the information from your cockpit.


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