IronRidge UFO Clamps – Solar Mounting and Racking

IronRidge UFO – Universal Fastening Object

Check out the new clamping system from IronRidge. It’s the UFO, the Universal Fastening Object. The IronRidge UFO is very versatile; the same clamp can be used from 30mm to 48mm solar panel frames. That gives you a nice, wide range. Most solar panels out in the industry now are going to be within that range.

Mid-Clamps and End-Clamps

You can use the IronRidge UFO clamps as both the mid-clamp and the end-clamp. You no longer need the separate end clamp and mid-clamps that you used to. The one thing to keep in mind is, in order to turn this from a mid-clamp to an end-clamp, you need to get the stopper sleeve. These sleeves are available in different thicknesses based on the thickness of your solar panel – available in 32mm, 33, 35, 38, 40, and 48mm. To turn a mid-clamp into an end-clamp is put the little stopper sleeve on there, and that turns it right into an end-clamp!

More on the IronRidge UFO

The IronRidge UFO clamps come with a T-bolt, so you don’t have to slide it in from the end of the rail. You just slide it down whereever you are going and it’s just going to stay there. It stands up on its own. It’s got the integrated bonding, so it will automatically bite through the frame of the solar panel, bite through the metal of your rail, and it will electrically bond them together, so that you can ground everything. It’s got little teeth on both the top of the UFO cap and on the bolt, so when you tighten that down, that’s going to bond everything.

It is also UL2703 certified, so that’ll keep your authority having jurisdiction happy. It’s all nice and code compliant!

Want to learn even more about the IronRidge UFO clamps? Check out the video below.


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