Greg W

I live in Cartersville.GA.that would be in the N.W.part of the state and am a semi-retired jack of all trades(master of none).Alternate energy resources have been around us since the turn of the century.A lot of people took a hard look at it again in the 70's and 80's and now we do so again not only because our energy crisis that is bitting us in the butt once again but also to be more environmentally friendly to the earth we have destroyed so much of already.I am a big alternate energy fan.The photo in my profile is a 16 square foot active solar air heater I built from info I've read in books you can buy today and information that is on the internet.You don't have to buy a $1500 solar air heater when you can learn to build one at a fraction of the cost that will work just as well or better than the commercial ones on the market.