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VP of Global Sales Centennial Solar....

Centennial solar is a manufacture of PV modules in North America !, we offer industry-leading performance and proprietary design. We boast a high conversion efficiency - the percentage of sunlight that is converted into energy for your use - to maximize your savings. A Centennial Solar PV panel or system can be customized to suite your direct needs..

We at Centennial solar have no problem supplying any size of solar panels, we are world renowned for our high quality, high output solar panels, using only the best materials !,
Our selling price is usually based around the quantities needed. FOB our Factory in MTL Canada...

Centennial Solar modules are composed of solar Q Cells with high conversion efficiency, EVA sheet, solar glass and back sheet. The module adopts reliable welding technology and high-vacuum heating lamination process and is equipped with anticorrosion-treated aluminum alloy frame and watertight terminal box. As a result, it takes on a rational structure, and has an ultraviolet aging resistance and wind resistance.
Tempered glass: Built with all weather and durable special high quality water-white low iron tempered glass
Cells : Use best grade German made high efficiency solar cells. Cells from Q-Cell these are high end cells with anti-reflection film made of silicon nitride is applied to them to increase their efficiency.
EVA sheet: With highly improved manufacturing process and new chemical formula, higher grade of EVA foam materials comply with latest Industrial Standards.
1)Water durable: Closed-cell foam, non-water-absorbing, moisture-proof.
2)Rot resistant: Seawater, oil, acid and alkali durable; antibacterial, safe, odorless and non-polluting.
3)Easy processing: Continuous; easy hot-press shaping, casting, gluing and joining.
4)Shockproof :Good flexibility and anti-hardening; excellent shockproof and cushion capability.
5)Heat preservation: Excellent heat insulation, anti-cold, non-frosting and insulation enduring capabilities.
6)Sound insulation: Closed-cell foam, good sound insulation capability.
Back sheet : It demonstrate virtually no shrinkage, resulting in enhanced dimensional stability and reduced wrinkling during lamination of modules. The back sheet is also highly resistant to UV radiation, thereby offering increased reflectance and higher power output. It also has smooth, glossy appearance and minimum thickness variations leading to attractive laminates. These back sheets are made of are made from polyvinyl fluoride so they all share the same outstanding toughness, durability, and 25+ year weather ability.

Please note, we are the worlds largest of varied sizes custom solar panel manufacture in the world (2watts-411watts using 3 different cell technologies, Crystalline, Cigs, ATF),..
We can mfg any-size however we need advance notice as to the sizes, quantities, delivery times, to fulfill your needs satisfactorily...........

Please do submit a PO with forecasting, delivery dates on any future orders....

Please note; We are now at Centennial Solar producing several models to fill several of our orders, the 2 models that I will have a surplus of is our ATFs and our CIGS. If interested, please book an order for the quantities you require to fill your customers immediate, delivery in approximately +/-30 working days, for specs please see attachment.
I have some those modules presently in stock. Current price is to you will be determined upon qtys you require, ($ /watt on 20’-40’ containers)-...FOB, MTL..
I leave this to you to promote it to your customers and markets if interested....
thank you..

Have a great day

Gordon Terlier
VP, Global Sales
Centennial Solar
Dir: 450.424.7532
[email protected]

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