The New Samlex EVO Inverter/Charger and Its Benefits

New Samlex EVO Inverter Charger

The New Samlex EVO Inverter Charger and Its BenefitsSamlex has recently released a new inverter/charger called the Samlex Evolution, or EVO for short. Let’s take a closer look to see what’s new.

The EVO is an all in one solution – a pure sine wave inverter, multi-stage battery charger, and transfer switch. The EVO inverter/charger outputs 120V 60Hz for use in North America and other locations. It is designed to be used as either an off grid inverter, or used for battery backup to the grid or a generator.

Pure Sinewave Benefits of the Samlex EVO Inverter/Charger

Many other inverters in this price range are a Modified sinewave, not Pure sinewave. Modified sinewave inverters are good enough for most electrical appliances. But many delicate electronics such as audio equipment, laser printers, plasma TVs, and things with rechargeable batteries, like laptops and hand power tools will not work correctly with Modified sinewave, and could actually be harmed by it. Other appliances may work, but will run hotter than usual, potentially reducing its lifespan. Pure sinewave inverters output a clean signal, virtually indistinguishable for the signal sent by the grid, resulting in clean, smooth operation.

Solar Power Inverter Output Waves

Multiple Uses of Samlex EVO Inverter/Charger

This newest Samlex inverter/charger is UL listed for residential use, as well as mobile applications, like RVs and boats. It is also CSA listed for Canada.

It can accept input from the grid, a generator, or a solar charge controller, to charge a bank of batteries – and all can be connected at the same time.

Samlex EVO Inverter Charger Diagram

Automatic Transfer Switch

The unit will automatically switch between power sources as they become available, ensuring the batteries are charging efficiently, and your house or RV always has power. For example, when you lose power from the grid, the EVO’s automatic transfer switch will switch over to generator or battery/inverter mode to power your refrigerator, sump pump, lights etc.

Four Models To Choose From:

Charging Input Directly From Solar Charge Controller

A unique feature of the EVO is that it allows you to connected a solar charge controller with solar panels directly to the inverter/charger. So when the grid is down, the batteries will be recharging during the day from the sun. When the grid power comes back up, your appliances automatically return to grid power, and if you want, the grid simultaneously charges your batteries for future use. Or, if you prefer, it can use only the solar power to charge them back up. Note that it does not have a built in solar charge controller, you connect  the output of your own charge controller to the EVO.

Samlex EVO Inverter Charger DC Side Connections

High Surge Rating

All of the models are able to handle a momentary surge 3X their continuous power rating to equipment like a pump, fridge, or compressor that has a high start-up. This makes it a great choice for an off grid cabin with a well pump.

300% for 1ms
200% for 100mS
150% for 5 seconds

Check out our video for an overview of the Samlex EVO.

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