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Smart Harvest Solar Charge Controller | Overview & Features with OutBack Power

Watch this brief overview of OutBack Power's new Smart Harvest solar charge controller. Available in 5A and 10A for PWM, and 10A and 20A for MPPT. Both charge controllers auto select for the battery bank between 12V and 24V in a single package.

The PWM charge controller has a low voltage disconnect load control output for features such as LED lighting, that would turn off loads if the battery gets too low. It also has a 5V USB output to charge smaller items, such as a cell phone. The maximum voltage you can put into the charge controller is 50Voc input.

The MPPT charge controller has has auto tracking using the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) with 12V and 24V battery banks. It also includes remote temperature sensors in order to temperature compensate for an advance system that would be used in a harsh environment. The maximum voltage you can put into the charge controller is 100Voc input.

Smart Harvest solar charge controllers, available now at altE!

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