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PT 100 MPPT Charge Controller by Magnum | Unboxing & Features

We unbox the PT 100 100A MPPT solar charge controller by Magnum Dimensions and give a brief overview of its features in this video. It's the first 100 amp MPPT charge controller on the market!

The box includes:
- 6' Network Communications cable
- 6' Extension Cable
- 15' Battery Temperature Sensor
- Ground Fault Warning Label
- Back Plate
- 4 Mounting Screws
- Owner's Manual
- PT-100 Charge Controller

On the front of the solar charge controller there is an LED display that shows the Volts In and Kilowatts of the PV array and the Volts and Amps of the Battery Bank. There are also indicators for Bulk, Absorb, Float, Fault and Auxiliary.

It has both arc fault and ground fault protection for a safe install. It goes all the way up to 187 VDC temperature compensated, allowing for 3, 24V panels in series going in, or 4, 20V panels - more than you can typically do with a 150V MPPT charge controller.

Use for a solar array up to 6,600 watts in an off grid system or grid tie with battery backup hybrid system!

Buy a PT 100 charge controller at altE

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