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Comparing Midnite Solar Classic MPPT solar charge controllers

https://www.altestore.com/store/Solar-Power-Systems/c447/ See the difference between the Midnite Solar Classic charge controllers. They have 9 different models, we help you determine which are the right ones for your DIY solar project. The Classic is the full featured model that supports solar, wind, and hydro renewable energy sources. It has a graphical display panel and push buttons for configuration, Ethernet connectivity, and has both ground fault and arc fault protection. The Classic Lite supports all three renewable energy sources, but does not have a graphical display, it uses LEDs to show status and DIP switched for configuring. The Classic Lite has Ethernet connectivity and ground fault protection, but does not have arc fault protection. The Classic SL falls in between the two other models. It supports only solar as a renewable energy source. It does have a graphical interface and push buttons, but does not have Ethernet connectivity. It does have ground fault protection, but not arc fault protection. All Midnite Solar Classics are available in three voltage and current ranges; 150V 96A, 200V 79A, and 250V 63A.
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