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Stephane Bourque

Xantrex XPower Powerpack 1500 - Portable Backup Powerpack

Written September 02, 2006

A good buy

I use the Backup 1500 for emergencies and appreciate it because it is expandable. For example, I began with the power pack and then raise the capacity by 3x with a 120ah nautical battery.

To charge it I decide to use a 15W solar panel with a regulator but I consider it is too slow and plan to buy some other ones to have 50W or more. there is a lot of other way to charge it (car's lighter, 12V generator, 120 VAc with converter included)

The only reproach Is the fact that some electrical instruments (e.g. fan and miter saw) don't work properly. It is also not recomanded to recharge batterries with this powerpack.

I was very satisfied of it to use with my freezer and my refrigerator. The seller told me I won't regret my purchase. I agree with him.

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