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Date Added: January 29, 2008
The "Xantrex X1500" is a small capacity solar generator.
If you are making the purchase for DC power, this item is great. Originally this was bought for camping escapades.Although it does run AC products, it does not do so for long. if the devices are fairly high (100 W )wattage.
you may only get a couple hours (such as a large tv).

However, as Stephane said, it is expandable. While waiting to get my larger solar power system together, I hooked up 4 T-105 batteries in series parallel to the high output terminals on back of the generator and it will run 200 watt devices for many many hours. It will run the fridge,a
22 cubic foot regular standup model.It will run my Quad amp along with tv (approx 160 watts audio on low, 4 tower speakers, A Subwoofer and center speaker + 36" tv)
Runs the computer - (200-watts with 21"LCD )not all at the same time mind you but you can see the potential.It will not run the large washing machine but I did not expect it to, due to higher surge than the units inverter is designed for..

As a Dc unit for lighting or DC tv, stereo, small fan it will do that job also, without any extra battery backup. although, another battery as backup does give longer run time.For camping its great. Pull it, push it or carry it . Pretty easy to haul around and a nicely finished case. Well made
I am very satisfied.

After many days and weeks of researching on the world wide web , I could not find anyone beating the Alternative Energy Stores Price for the unit either.

Team your unit up with a 50 or 60 watt solar panel and a morningstar 6 amp charge controller and you are good to go for fun times or emergencies.

If you do use another battery/batteries connected to the high output terminals on the X1500,the only thing you need to know (which the info is included in the instructions)..is, if the batteries are different amp hour ratings you will need to charge the batteries seperately. get another battery of the same amp hour rating that is in the X1500 and you can hook your solar panel (charge controlled, to the backup battery) while you are using your generator it can be charging.You can also do this, obviously without a backup battery

Thanks Guy`s
Date Added: July 13, 2008
A good product but the specs have changed. See the updated user guide here http://www.xantrex.com/web/id/39/docserve.aspx

It is estimated to power a 150 watt AC powered product for 3 hours, not 4, a 25% difference.
A good buy by Stephane Bourque
Date Added: September 02, 2006
I use the Backup 1500 for emergencies and appreciate it because it is expandable. For example, I began with the power pack and then raise the capacity by 3x with a 120ah nautical battery.

To charge it I decide to use a 15W solar panel with a regulator but I consider it is too slow and plan to buy some other ones to have 50W or more. there is a lot of other way to charge it (car's lighter, 12V generator, 120 VAc with converter included)

The only reproach Is the fact that some electrical instruments (e.g. fan and miter saw) don't work properly. It is also not recomanded to recharge batterries with this powerpack.

I was very satisfied of it to use with my freezer and my refrigerator. The seller told me I won't regret my purchase. I agree with him.
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